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Architecture and Urban Planning - contribution to my career

Shristi 1 / -  
Apr 20, 2021   #1

Australia Awards scholarship essay

Hi, I am applying for Australia Awards. I want someone to give comments and advice on my essay.
Thank You

I am pursuing a Masters in Urban Planning at University of Melbourne. It's major focus is on national and international planning policies and how we come over the challenging urbanization trends.

I have done my Bachelors in Architecture and am working at urban planning projects under the Nepal government. I am in need of a high level of professional expertise, wide range of managerial skills, and a better understanding of urban planning projects to be carried out from local level needs and priorities. The eight core subjects, four specialisation subjects and capstone subjects at University of Melbourne will provide me with better knowledge and technical skills in order to produce, evaluate and implement plans as well as understanding of economic and environmental changes in urban areas. Moreover, choosing two multidisciplinary electives like economics and law will allow me to work effectively with other different disciplines.

Also my second priority of study is Masters in Urban planning and design at Monash University. The course here will train me to combine and blend design with traditional policy based knowledge. The four project based learning themes i.e, compact city, ecological city, sprawling city and inclusive city will help me to incorporate design skills and enhance planning knowledge in real-world. Similarly, elective courses like transport and sustainable development will help me to gain expertise in that field.

Masters of Urban Planning at University of Melbourne or masters of Urban Planning and Design at Monash University will further brighten my career and strengthen knowledge, skills and experiences that will enable me to work in any challenging environment which can be fulfilling.

I assure that after successful completion of course, I will be a very productive and coherent urban planner and deliberate decision maker. I will rejoin the same organisation that I have been working with and will come up with fresh perspectives to solve major urban problems like resolving community disputes, manage environmentally sensitive areas and provide public transport and other key urban infrastructures.

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