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Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) - Why did you choose your proposed course and institution?

nawaf /  
Mar 6, 2023   #1

Why Mining Engineering at UNSW or Curtin University?

My academic interest is broadly within sustainability, focusing on finding solutions to technical deficits in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). The ASM industry contributes 35% of Ghana's total gold output, but it remains underutilized and dominated by unsustainable practices. Consequently, mine sites are abandoned once the 'easy-to-mine' ore is extracted. The desire to integrate the necessary technical capabilities to achieve SDGs 14 and 15 piqued my interest in pursuing a Master's degree in Mining Engineering.

My proposed course of study at UNSW is a Master of Engineering (Mining). The programme's curriculum integrates analytical, design, and management skills relevant to the mining industry. I will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, including a VR simulator, computer laboratory and a rock mechanics laboratory for applied research into mining issues. The degree requires 60 days of industrial training, allowing you to develop the essential technical and professional skills needed to thrive in your future career.

My proposed course of study at Curtin University is a Master of Professional Engineering (Mining Engineering). The course equips students with life-changing skills through an interactive curriculum, leadership programs, and excellent industry placements that give them an edge in the job market. Primarily, my interest stems from responsible mining and mine design and optimization.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4651  
Mar 7, 2023   #2
You sound like you are just repeating the course description and syllabus from the university websites. You spent more time explaining your academic goal than you did explaining how the courses will be used in your workplace after completing the course. That is whole point of explaining why you chose the course and institution. The screener already knows what the university is all about and what the masters courses are about. What he wants to know is how these apply to your present job or future work responsibilities. There is no sense of that in this essay. Sure you can say you will benefit from the training, but it is the relevance of the application to your profession that will prove that you have chosen the proper course for your academic and professional targets, speficially the SDG goals of your country in this area.
OP nawaf /  
Mar 7, 2023   #3
thank you
Will revise accordingly
OP nawaf /  
Mar 9, 2023   #4

Sustainable mining - How will the proposed study contribute to your career?

sustainable mining interest

My career interest in sustainable mining requires skills and knowledge in mine planning and design, drilling, blasting, resource estimation and modelling, and others. Consequently, I believe that the Master of Mining Engineering or Master of Professional Engineering (Mining Engineering) program, combined with my previous experience at EPA, Ghana, will provide me with an excellent opportunity to excel in my career.

Through the study, I will further strengthen my knowledge of responsible mining, strategic analysis of technical operations, and project management skills. This enables me to contribute to academia and policy in developing countries like Ghana. I aim to advocate using novel technologies to promote efficient and sustainable mining practices. I plan to lead campaigns and training programs to build capacity in ASM communities. Furthermore, I wish to establish a mining consultancy to advise companies and organizations on optimizing processes by implementing efficient technologies. I will gain a considerable network of Australia Awards Alumni and exploit it to my advantage by recruiting viable clients and resources for my firm. This investment is priceless, as the ASM industry offers so much potential.

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