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How will this scholarship assist you with your career goals in your chosen field?

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Sep 5, 2012   #1
I will welcome any forms of crticisms. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Career Goals: How will this scholarship assist you with your career goals in your chosen field?

My Career Goal
The impact of the computer technology in the society has made its invention a remarkable success; thus, enabling people to learn more, dream more and achieve more. Computers have transitioned the world into an ever-changing global village and a more relaxed place to dwell, have increased job growth, and have influenced positively the lives of people. Enabling the prediction of natural disasters such earthquakes and hurricanes, computer technology has also spurred numerous medical breakthroughs through the creation of medical imaging software used in viewing and diagnosing diseases affecting internal body cells. Computers have made global communication more advanced and efficient; as a result, people become more knowledgeable of economic issues, connect and network with folks across the globe. Facilitating all these benefits in the society, computer is arguably the greatest creation of mankind.

With a cognizance of these intriguing facts which has increased my passionate interest for a career in technology, I strive with steadfast determination to become an Electrical and Computer Engineer skilled in areas of networking, designing and developing automated systems, software and supporting systems needed to optimize diverse operations. Executing projects will entail applying logical consistency, scientific principles, and mathematical analysis to perform duties in system risk analysis, software modeling and simulation processes during the full lifecycle development of integrated systems, software applications, and various tech-infrastructures. In always striving to develop new strategies required for solving real life challenging technology problems as part of my duties, I will be able to ascertain an interesting and a skill-enriching career that I have hoped of achieving. My profession will always provide me an opportunity to actualize my desires: to promote socio-economic developments and to grow professionally, through working on sophisticated projects that continuously enhance people's welfare.

Currently a junior studying Computer Science and Physics at Dillard University, I have participated in researches in the areas of robotics with my professors. This program has helped in honing my programming skills as well as in broadening my knowledge on developing technologies; thus, enabling me to ascertain a good foundation of computer science. Through affiliation with the National Society of Black Engineers' organization at Dillard University, I have been able to implement technical project in high schools to increase the awareness and passion for technology amongst students. I seek to gain immeasurable experience through engaging in internships, workshops and also, applying for scholarships to acquire funding for research projects. It for such accrued benefits that I have applied with a positive anticipation for a consideration in the CAD Scholar Program.

Being a recipient in the CAD Systems Scholar Program will be a dream come true. Ranking among the top tier companies in the realm of technology, CAD Systems will provide the platforms and cutting edge technologies that are requisite for my career development and success. The opportunity to intern at CAD Systems through her scholarship program will enable me to gain exposure to real life and challenging problems that lies in areas of networking, data security etc., through working on complex project. While contributing ideas towards accomplishing group-assigned tasks, I will derive great knowledge learning from professionals with astounding acumen in technology. Upon completion of the CAD System internship, I believe that I will ascertain prowess and experiences that is adequately apt to grow professionally. Accomplishing my aim to become an Electrical and Computer engineer will be one of my greatest feats in life and I am determined and prepared to pay the price of success.

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