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Need-based scholarship; how do i demonstrate my financial need?

Feb 12, 2011   #1
Hi everyone, i need some enlightenment here. Responces will be highly appreciated.
There is this postgraduate scholarship that i intend applying for. It is a fully funded award that covers full tuition fee weaver, acommodation, travel and living expensis. The criteria for this scholarship are 1, academic excellence, 2, development potential, and 3, financial need.

I think i cannot find the right way to demonstrate the "need" for sponsorship. Please fellas, what are those ways in which i can convince the scholarship scheme that this award is highly needed. Of course I won't mind more education on the first two criteria too. Please help!


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Feb 14, 2011   #2
First, think about that potential for development. You have to show that you have a lot of potential, and to do that you need to show that you have made a very serious plan with several short term goals.

In fact, for ideas, google this: How to write a business plan

Do something like that, and you will have an advantage.

Next, you need to show need. As part of your "business plan" (Which must be based on a career of interest to you), you should show HOW your next few years will be if you get the scholarship and HOW it will be if you do not. Show that you need the scholarship in order to achieve your short term goals as planned.

:-) Good luck!
Feb 14, 2011   #3
HI Kunle,

Thanks for mentioning the criteria of the scholarship. I believe (And that what I usually do) that when a scholarship criteria mentions academic excellence first, that they need you to be successful. and to break that barrier (3) of financial need. This is the reason for the significant of academic success first, because no one would like to fund someone education when he/she didn't even put time and work on it. So for your essay you could mention (and try to find) the program of your interest (what do you want to study in the future) and then mention the fees for the program and how their scholarship will give you time to study more, research more or even doing a community volunteer. And relate that to your average right now (be creative) and how you have the potential to develop your skills (2) by having that extra time for yourself. anyways be confident with your abilities and try to inspire the judges (which I believe that I wasn't be able to achieve until now, but I hope that you will!)

Good luck. :)
Feb 16, 2011   #4
Thanks Kevin, this is very helpful. I think av gotten an idea of how to sell my career plan to them showing the financial constraints just as finance is important for successful excecution of busines plan. Thanks so much for this briliant idea.

And Karam, your ideas are rear, you sound very knowledgeable about the connections among the 3 criteria. I think this is good discovery, i already have a first class in my undergraduate degree in Nigeria, plus all the accompanied awards (not financial). If this among others can satisfy the 1st criteria, the next is to create a promising career plan (rooted in my past achievement and motivators) which i think could cater for d 2nd criterion while emphasising the roles of the scholarship award in the successful actualisation of this career plan and the benefit of the plan to mankind. With this i hope i am good to go.

I will post my first draft soon so it can be reviewed by all in here. Thanks so much once again, i am very grateful!

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