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Becoming a geotechnical lecturer in civil engineering major is the career that I want to pursue

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Apr 24, 2017   #1
How will the proposed study contribute to your career

Any advice is welcome. Thank you in advance for your comment

network between Australia and Indonesia

Becoming a geotechnical lecturer in civil engineering major is the career that I want to pursue. The number of professional lecturers is still a few in Indonesia, hence, the country foster its academician to have a higher education and become lecturers in universities. One absolute requirement to be a lecturer in Indonesia is having minimum a master degree. Particularly, at Sriwijaya University, the future lecturers must have a master or doctoral degree obtained from universities overseas. Therefore, studying Master in Civil Engineering in Australia will be the right track for me in achieving a career as a professional lecturer.

As a lecturer in Indonesia, the number of scientific publication in national and international scale determine the additional allowance of the lecturer, even as the condition to get promoted into a higher position in universities. By having a master in Civil Engineering in Australia, I would have bigger opportunity to publish my research in the international scale which starts from the university where I study my master degree. In addition, I would also have greater chance to pass the selection process of journal publication in national level. Conclusively, completing a degree in Australia would give a huge benefit in my research publication.

This master degree would also provide me with theoretical and practical experiences to improve my pedagogy competency. Pedagogy competency is one indicator that will be evaluated to be a lecturer. It is the ability to give the material in the class, including compose the curriculum and evaluate the students' learning. Hence, as a postgraduate student in Australia, I could experience the pedagogy competency of the professors, the education system, as well as the scoring system. I would take the best principal from those experiences and the unique values to my pedagogy competency. In the future, I would use the knowledge to improve the teaching process when I work as a lecturer.

Not less important, the network that I would build during my postgraduate study in Australia would generate partnership among researchers in Australia and Indonesia. For instance, an academic visit to Indonesian university and vice versa. As the conclusion, master in civil engineering in Australia would utilize me as an individual, professional, and a part of a society who will contribute for a sustainability environment.
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Apr 25, 2017   #2
Putri, don't explain about the pedagogy part in this essay. It sounds like you are lecturing the reviewer. It would be best to skip that portion if you cannot make it sound less like a lecture and present it more like an integral part of your career advancement. The first part totally sounds like you are lecturing the reviewer. The last paragraph of the essay doesn't really sound very impressive because there are 2 ideas being discussed, which are both under developed. It would be an improvement if you can expand upon each topic in separate paragraphs instead. That way you can thoroughly use the information to highlight a proper career advancement on your part. Overall, this is a good response essay that just needs a few adjustments. Once you apply the changes, the essay should be in its final, usable form.

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