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'I believe that life of each person is like a novel.' KGSP First Self Introduction Letter ever)

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Mar 5, 2016   #1
Hello everyone, as you already noticed, i'm applying for KGSP 2016, i faced to write my very first personal statement letter, that is why I'm a bit confused at it. i know that i have many defects, but i cannot see them.. i would be very grateful if someone help me with it and give me some advice in making it far better. THANK YOU.

Your course of life, your view of life, study background, your hopes & wishes, etc
o Your education and work experience, etc., in relation to the KGSP program
o Your motivations for applying for this program
o Reason for study in Korea

I believe that life of each person is like a novel. Some people may say that you can only read along and guess what will happen next, but I am convinced that we are all writers and in my case I decided to take a pen in the hands and write my own life novel as I want it to be. I see my life shallow and unrewarding if I am living each day with no plan for the future and without thought towards developing myself. I feel very fortunate that the goals I have formed over the past few years are helping me to go for my dreams, allowing me to live a life with true meaning and making me hope that my dreams and goals will benefit others. I emigrated to Russia 10 years ago with my mother and brother, already at that time I felt that I must fulfill my potential, find an activity in life that brings me encouragement and satiation. I studied a lot, did much investigations trying to understand what I have ability, talent and interest to. This dilemma continued until university started when I began studying principles of marketing and its concept; and the more I learned about it, the more I became passionate. I thought about influence and strength of communication in our globalized world and all at once I realized that marketing communications is the tool that can impact on people and life as a whole. Ultimately, I comprehended and felt that I want to dedicate my life to this field. It may seem challenging, but I believed and still do that knowledge and understanding of the concept can be a valuable in facilitating positive change. My family, despite the fact that we do not live all together, is marvelous; I am thankful to my parents that they encourage me in my achievements, support me with my plans and desires, inspires and guides me in the formation of my personality and competence. Opened with my dreams and goals, I have a broad vision of my life, what is most valid - I have a freedom in gaining knowledge, in making own decisions and I am truly grateful for it. Having the desire to change the world and make it better, in order to be satisfied with the life and with my being, I reckon that I need to do something significant and my work must affect other people in positive manner.

I studied English language since I was at school and every time I still find new things to learn and polish it up. I was interested in statistics and mathematics while had a passion in creativity and art. In 2011 I was accepted to one of the best universities in Moscow, which offered studying English-taught marketing management program at international faculty. I was enrolled in a variety of courses in a wide variety of departments where I was taught to look at problems from multiple perspective, and despite of big competition there, I completed my bachelor degree with very good results. My graduation thesis - the organization of marketing activity in children charitable founda-tions achieved excellent mark. Treating the work with responsibility, reacting quickly in stressful cases and decision-making processes is the small part of what I mastered during my undergraduate study. I learned to accept any response reasonably and use it in my subsequent performances. During the last years of study we had many teamwork play, brainstorming and big group projects where everyone was totally involved. Having done many marketing research, statistical and mathematical cases other practical lessons gave me a wide range of knowledge and narrower conception of my major. I can say that I learned how to learn the best and how to extract the most useful and necessary information and use it efficiently in all kind of matter. All in all, having work experience in diverse environment including Beauty Company, construction firm and participating in art-project as a volunteer has taught me to be versatile and flexible in relation to work. I have passed language course in London, which helped me in further achievements in my study, including excellent defense of my graduation assignment, which topic has been very meaningful and personal to me.

Following the completion of my bachelor degree, I have developed my own approach of working by applying both creative nature and scientific schema to meet a specific goal. I finally found my niche and I would like to boost it to next higher level. I feel the need to deepen my international marketing comprehension through further education in specific program. Thus, I have decided to undertake my graduate study in Marketing Communications (Advertising and Public Relations). I realized that South Korea would be very advantageous. I decided to go there as I am very interested in its culture, its long and rich cultural heritage. And when I learned that Korea is a key player of high education in the world, I have immediately decided to choose it for my further studying and growing. Since it is completely new and different country, I will manage to get to know new aspects and sides of marketing com-munications, experience new ways of learning and working which will be extremely useful in my international career and realization my goals. My decision was anchored after I visited South Korea as a volunteer and participated in the international art-project, have cooperated not only with other foreign volunteers and artists but with many residents, having touched and experienced Korean way of life. During this volunteering project I learned various things, from conducting interviews and writing articles to assisting at organization of exhibitions and art performances, it was a big pleasure to work with Korean people and learn from them many interesting things. Studying abroad is an unique opportunity to be adventurous, explore the unknown things, and try my hand at activities that may not be offered within my country. There will be an opportunity to get in contact with native students, learn their way of life and get to know their culture. All these aspects will be definitely useful in my further international business cooperation. This program offers very wide range of trainings and adventures, the opportunity to participate in the day-to-day life of a new place, gaining a first-hand understanding and new appreciation of the Korean culture. Also, learn how business is done in Korea including other Asian countries will benefit and it will broaden horizons, give me more scopes and advantages in my further international business career as I am eager to use all the knowledge, acquired skills and experience, learn and be better every day. I wish my work departed not only from profitability but also from the idea of the project, which bears the core substantial message. I am absolutely assured that KGSP will help me to pursue my field and progress as a professional and good multilateral person, and in turn i will take challenge and be beneficial and efficient student.
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Mar 5, 2016   #2
If you could use connectors such as "in addition to this" or "additionally", "however" etc. your essay would be more coherent and cohesive. Try re-writing adding the connectors and see how it sounds.

All the best.

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