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The brave, judgment, strong and honest... Assessment of Chevening leadership and influence essay

tidy7353 1 / -  
Sep 12, 2019   #1

Leadership & influence

The brave, judgment, strong and honest... etc., those objectives have a strong impact to build the influenced person while this skill can be gained either by genetic reason; (i.e. The strong personality of person since childhood to be able to reach his/her opinion to groups of people and affect them) or can be through the time practicing mean such as reading literature, essay and quotes which describe positively influence people in the community.

Since ten years ago, I started to develop this skill by following quotas of successful people and read numbers of books one of them seven habits of highly effective people, by the time, I felt a change in my practical live attitude, first time to examine this on 2016, while first employed in National Upstream Solution, one of National Oil and Gas Companies in my country, In health, safety and environment practitioner, am being one of five as teamwork, the big challenge changes the culture of worker in safe working practice, especially 60% of workers from rural area. Am supervise thirty different person and personality, I useful for practicing leader skill ways, where divide the people into categories to deal with them rather than, dealing as a boss of them, my supervisor noticed me, I have my own way to manage the worker, in fact, after six months, the behavior of the worker regarding to HSE changed positively, this proved by the client and third party inspection reports, which shown a reduction in the number of incidents and near miss and staff awareness increased by 45% regarding to HSE, workers became aid me to detect and control hazards, this positive influence make me implement the safety concept, is the responsibility of all. I got upgraded, then transfer to company headquarter in the position of QHSE Eng, where another challenge faces me, is to convince top management on issues that impact on the company, I began work with same technique, deal with a person based on personality, mentality and behavior. I record other success by ability to convince my manager with my ideas (not all, but most), as an example, weak communication system between company main office and site detected by external auditor, my suggestion to my boss to create a data management system include daily, weekly and monthly reports and monitor the performance of operations quarterly, this idea nominated number one among five, next year Feb/2018 external auditor found our data well organized, just a few observations. Which reflect positively on the company, in aspect of, Cost control and worker behavior on the site, I felt proud of myself. The leadership and influence skills enhanced day to day, proved this by delegations from my boss types of task which require dealing with personal and analytical.

The perseverance and consider experience of people, are powerful tools, made me an influential in my workplace and sure, in the community.

imhana 2 / 2 2  
Sep 14, 2019   #2
Hi Tidy7353!

Just a little feedback regarding your Chevening essay. Could you please edit the first sentence of second paragraph because it's a little bit confusing. Please use the right punctuation on your essay so it won't be confusing the reader.

And there's a lot confusing words as well that make your essay hard to understand at the first glance. By the way, I'm working in the same field as you which is in HSE. As per my understanding for this "reduction in the number of incidents and near miss" maybe it is better to change it and replace it with "Zero Accident" record and work hours that your company ever achieved so far. Then you can mention about the program that you initiate that make a safety environment in your company even better.

Good luck with your essay!
Noura Abdelatty - / 3 3  
Sep 14, 2019   #3

Dear Tidy,

First of all, good luck in your chevening application.

Your essay looks great but you need to apply some simple steps to give it a good shape.

The essay structure needs to be better. Introduction, body and conclusion

The introduction must be on one or two skill in leadership that you think are effective in your life.

In the body I suggest you use on of the techniques to make your examples clear: CAR (Case, Action, result) technique or STARL (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique. They must be in order and they must be clear.

The conclusion your opinion, hopes for future...etc.

Each paragraph should be composed of not less than three complete lines to make it look good and appealing to the reading committee.

Hope I was useful.


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