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Broward's Summer Study Abroad Program - Scholarship paper to go Abroad

Belle15 5 / 11  
Feb 17, 2011   #1
Write a 500-word essay about how participation in a study abroad program would benefit your academic, professional, or personal goals. Please include in your essay the rationale for your program choice. The essay should discuss aspiration, future plans, and any other pertinent information the student wishes for the International Education Committee to consider. Please any corrections is /are appreciated... thank you

When I first learned about Broward's Summer Study Abroad Program, I knew that I wanted to participate. Traveling overseas to Europe has always been one of my dreams; therefore studying abroad was the opportunity of a life time. I am a junior graphic design student and since I can remember I had a passion for the arts. Now having the opportunity to explore the country of beautiful arts, I knew Spain was the country I had to visit. While in this trip, I anticipate visually seeing and contemplating the live artworks, fulfill one of my dreams and attain my independence.

While I can read the definitions or study about its history, the only way for me to really understand art is by experiencing it personally. Getting inspired by arts at a different level will improve my works. How can I get moved by seeing a picture of Guernica in a textbook? Its outstanding size and the shocking effect it produces, gets lost in translation. I will make sure to use my time in Spain wisely by soaking on the many artistic expressions of the Spanish People. At the Reina Sofia museum, I will learn about the best of 20th century Spanish art from the work of luminaries such as Picasso and Dali. The information that I will discover will be vital to my development as a junior graphic design student. Examining the creative arts will influence me and help become visually understanding of how people interpret a message through an artwork, and apply this understanding on my works. It will give me a background that I could not get from simply picking up a text book.

Apart from all the educational benefits, studying abroad will help me become a more independent person. This program will teach me how to familiarize with a new culture by allowing me to become accustomed to different living arrangements and situations. Also, as the eldest in a single parent home I hope that living in a foreign country will encourage me to me to be self-sufficient, by preparing me to move out and obtain a job that is reliable. Living with people who have a different background to mine and who share a different perspective of the world will help me keep an open mind, and increase my appreciation for cultural diversity.

Going to Spain will be a totally new experience for me, granting me one of my dreams. This will be the first time that I travel alone overseas and the purpose can't be any more different. Knowing that I have the privilege to study in Spain, and experience the different culture like the art, food, music, literature, etc I get super thrilled.

As a junior graphic design student, studying in Spain is the ideal opportunity for me to expand in my major, such as learning to explore the different and exceptional arts that exist overseas. Furthermore accomplishing my dream, of experiencing the different lifestyle of the Spanish traditions and for me to gain my independence will positively be an increasing desire for more adventure and knowledge of the different culture.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Feb 23, 2011   #2
visually seeing

I think you mean to say you want to see the actual things, rather than pictures on the Internet.

Hey, I am always impressed when I see Jennifer's posts!

This is a very strong essay, Belle. I wonder if you can think of one word that captures the theme. What is one word, a concept, that you would use to represent the truth of this essay. Can you think of such a concept? It is the tool for making the reader remember and reflect.


Introduce that term/word somewhere, and make it memorable. Let the reader know that the truth of the essay is represented by this overarching concept.

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