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Build up durable network of travel companies, tour agents, airlines representatives, hotel contacts

Temurbek 2 / 2  
Oct 30, 2017   #1
Any remarks are appreciated. Many thanks!

Chevening networking skills question

For 1.5 years of work at my current company, I've realized that possessing and maintaining good and wide network is the most crucial factor for succeeding in my work. As an inbound tour operator company operating in b2b business model, it is vital for us to have reliable business partners - travel companies, who supplies us with tourists.

Beginning from the last year, Uzbekistan has been turning to a popular travel destination for people from various countries such as United States and Japan. Establishing useful network in these countries would help to capture a big market share. For building up and maintaining network I normally utilize email messages and telephone calls. Always being in touch with partners, even with those if I'm not currently cooperating with, contributes to keep strong relationships.

No way of maintaining a relationship can match the face to face meeting. So our company partakes on the biggest travel fairs, exhibitions and shows in Europe and Asia. These events are a perfect chance to find new partner as well as to meet with old ones. Believing in my ability of properly establishing networks, our director always takes me with himself to such kind of events. For the last year I've taken a part on big travel exhibitions such as Top Resa in Paris, TTG in Rimini and JATA in Tokyo. Especially, trip to Japan was the most successful - apart from Tokyo, I visited Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo, where my travel agent introduced me local outbound travel companies. As a result of these meetings, we are expecting significant increase in flow of Japanese tourists to Uzbekistan next year.

My job helped me to build up durable network of travel companies, tour agents, airlines representatives, hotel contacts and friends in countries such as Japan, Italy, France as well as Central Asian region. Since I have decided to continue my studies in tourism sphere, I'm sure these contacts will be useful for me and other Chevening students by sharing their invaluable experience and knowledge.

alvin1902 4 / 7 1  
Oct 30, 2017   #2
I suggest that you add another paragraph, emphasizing your networking skills outside your field of works. maybe in a community or an organization. also put more focus on your personal networking and not just your company networking.

hopefully this would helps
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,531 2963  
Oct 31, 2017   #3
Timur, do not include any reference to your community or organization networks. That will disqualify your essay. Focus only on your professional networking skills that will prove that you have the capability to cultivate these business contacts that you made at the tourist fairs. Explain how your network is created. The introduction is made at the fair and then? What collaborative examples of successful networking can you provide that will convince the reviewer that this tourism network is something that Chevening should consider as a potential part of their current network? Do you have any British tourism contacts that you can use in this essay? That would help to highlight your network in the eyes of the reviewer since British tourists will be coming to your country. Right now, you have an enumeration of potential contacts and how they were created. There is no discussion of these contacts in action or how this network can help Chevening scholars in the future. Improve on these problem points so that your essay will fall more under the requirements of the prompt.
OP Temurbek 2 / 2  
Nov 1, 2017   #4

Dear Mary,

Many thanks for feedback.

Just wanted to clarify, these organization network has created by me. Each tour manager in our company has his/her partners and these partners contact only with responsible managers. If a tour manager leaves the company, there is high possibility that his/her partners will switch to another company, that is, the tour manager has strong professional relationship with one's partners. Isn't it strong argument to prove networking skills? What's your thoughts about it?

Dear @alvin1902

Thank you for your remarks. I will revise the essay.

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