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Building my networking through join into the community for Chevening application

nitakajole 4 / 5  
Sep 25, 2021   #1
Hello, first I want to say a bunch of thanks for the feedback and i want to ask for another review, please kindly review my networking essay and i will wait for another feedback, thanks again!:)

Networking essay for Chevening

Networking is about building a connection between an individual or a group by sharing knowledge, information or anything through experience while joining in a community. Networking is not always about what you gained through the experience but also about giving feedback to other communities or individuals, it is also about maintaining the connection you have. Furthermore, I gained my networking skills through my experience as an Internal audit.

I currently working as internal auditor in reinsurance company and perform regular audit. Last year the company just changed the audit methodology into risk-based audit whereas the Internal Audit needs to identify and analyst the business risk that faced by the company and choose the audit object based on the company's risk priorities that have been determined by risk management. However, to obtain quality audit result, the Internal Audit needs to improve their Analyst skills and knowledge notably in business risk. Me along with my team are aware with our limitations, then we took an initiative to look up for an online seminar or join in group sharing session.

While searching on the website, I have found a platform of Internal audit community across multiple company and industries where the internal audit can learn and collaborate. The platforms offer virtual events to learn from the experts and discuss current audit related topics. Afterwards, they also provide shared resource for internal audit to share their audit working papers, questionnaire, and other tools to assist all members in complete their job and add value to the organization. I was fascinated to part of the community and decide to join the virtual event with topics discussion about the implementing of risk-based audit. During the occasion, I met other participant with various background, but most of it working as internal auditor. Moreover, the speaker delivered the material in interactive way, He provide an example and even prepare some quiz. After the event is over, I joined a group related to enterprise risk management and internal audit to engage in further discussion, give feedback to other participant by sharing resource and maintain the connection by keep contacting through the platform and social media. By join in the communities, I gained in- dept knowledge as an Internal Auditor especially understanding risk-based audit, upgrade my communication skills as well as expand my networking with an expert around the world.

Through my experience in building my networking skill, I believe it will be beneficial for my future career, especially for developing global networking through participating in the Chevening scholarship and joining the community. While joining the community, I will be actively participating in the Chevening event and volunteering to meet and work together with other Chevening communities from other countries. By join in Chevening community I hope to expand my network globally as person and professional as well as help the Chevening communities in fulfill their duties with my connection.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,410 4391  
Sep 26, 2021   #2
A Chevening Networking essay is focused on highlighting an expanded work assistance channel based on training and seminars attended. These may be local, international, virtual or physical. The idea is to prove that you have an existing web of professional connections that can prove to be helpful to the scholars and alumna of the foundation. It is not about a tiny group useful only to your workplace. Remember that one of the networking qualifiers is an explanation of how you will share the network with Chevening. If this is the only networking qualifier you can present, then your application may not move to stage I based on this shortcoming. If you do not have a competitive network to present, then you will find it difficult to revise the presentation.
Yanti 3 / 8  
Oct 6, 2021   #3
Focusing on sharing one or two detailed examples is much more impactful than listing lots of examples. Do not only tell but show, Emphasise how you have shaped the opinions and actions of people around you.

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