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How building networks can widen your array of possibilities - Chevening Networking Essay

Leylamoh 1 / -  
Nov 5, 2018   #1
Hi All, below is my essay for the networking question in Chevening, please read it and provide me feedback on how to improve it

network with the world-class selected business students

When I was eighteen years old, I took a step out of my usual range of familiarity and travelled on a 6-week exchange program to an Asian country to work in a cultural exchange project. Throughout the program I met with hundreds of students with different cultural backgrounds; and against my expectations, we have found commonalities in our differences; and because of this, I made it a habit traveling solo to further widen my social knowledge breadth. The summation of all the experiences has indeed defined my personal identity, because I viewed networking as a mind-opener to a whole new dimension of what awaits me as an individual outside of my defined dimensional world. And this, in fact, became the key factor behind my progressive professional career experiences, through focusing on establishing well-maintained worthy networks within my organization.

My journey has started as a member in a one-year rotational graduates program; I focused on using this well-disposed time to build a solid foundation for my organizational network. Building on my past gained experiences and having an additional edge of the professional work setting. I focused on letting my work become the driver forming my network, and because of the program's structure that allows dealing with different functions regularly. I had a maintained work strategy of putting additional insights and recommendations to my assigned responsibilities, aiming to let this create valuable opportunities allowing me to work with various functions to get exposure to a wider professional network. Delightedly, I made it this far; and from this point, I made it my sole responsibility to sustain and develop my relationship with my colleagues.

After finishing the program, whether it was required to work with my previous functions or not. I made it a usual habit to meet with my former colleagues, by simply going over coffee to discuss our current projects, updates and even potential career opportunities. And right here was the moment I knew my network's worth; since I was due moving to a different business area and was discussing the topic with a colleague. He has automatically referred me to the department head, that luckily I was previously acquainted with during my first year and managed to keep a professional encounter with several times afterwards, and passing through the assessments rather went smoothly because of his previous knowledge regarding my work's quality. I greatly believe that my well-maintained relationship with both individuals across my three-year organizational journey and having built this network on the professional foundation are the main drivers behind reaching my current position.

Finally, considering being a potential Chevening scholar and being mindful of having the ability to network with the world-class selected business students. I hope to use my potential to be able to build an on-going learning platform between the graduates; where we can share our acquired knowledge collectively, to widely broaden our international business frameworks perspectives and market potentials, enabling our networks to elevate our local markets potential through the acquired knowledges.n Chevening, appreciate if you could help me to improve it.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,741 3078  
Nov 6, 2018   #2
Leylamoh, Chevening is not interested in your travel history. The reviewer is also not interested in your past work experiences that have a semblance of networking, but no actual networking value. The committee will only be interested in learning about how you develop your current networking contacts, based on your current profession, how you build upon that goodwill, and what sort of professional exchanges have taken place between you and the members of that contact group. What you wrote is too embedded in the past. It is so past oriented that there is no reference as to whether or not this network still exists or if you have ever actually used these networks within your profession.

Write a new networking essay. Make that essay grounded in the present. The present means that you will need to discuss your networking experience at work. That means seminars, training programs, and continuous education references could be mentioned as a method of networking, with your explanation as to how these contacts have helped you at work proving your network's usability and possible importance to the Chevening community. Don't discuss an in-office network. This needs to be a local or national network since the members of this group will be called upon in the future to help Chevening scholars with their professional needs using you as the conduit.

Don't merely explain about your network, the reviewer needs actual evidence of this network in action. So discuss profession related events that required the use of the network. If possible, explain how you helped the people in your network as well. If you are uncertain about how to approach this essay, then read the networking samples that have been written for this application cycle that are posted here. Those should help you develop your new networking essay.

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