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Ratudestiani 4 / 6 1  
Feb 14, 2021   #1

The University of Melbourne - Master of Management (Marketing)

The program Master of Management (Marketing) will help me to support my current role as Business Development at G Company which currently focusing to develop Cloud Kitchen, as a part of Economy Recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, it has a mission to help SME's to open a new store with the lower risk by provided kitchen in best strategic locations and given Marketing Activities such as to acquire new customer. Business Analyst and Decision-making course will help me to gain skill and experience to explore how to generate and analyst multiple information and process it to become the insights for solving the current business problems. This information is coming from important factor in business such as Marketing, Financial Management, Supply change management, and International business, with the best combination of an analytical and empirical approach to the practical situation. I believe this course would help me as my stepping stone to help 64 million SME's in Indonesia through creating the sustainable business for both companies and SME's by finding out the win-win scheme for scaling up Small Enterprise business, whereas Big enterprise has generated huge success in Cloud Kitchen. Moreover, the course in Marketing, Society and Sustainability will help me to understand the variety of social and economic that affecting the way marketing should executed, which suits best to Indonesia conditions that has the dynamic social and economic conditions. This course also will enable me to accelerate my practical skills to identify current public issues in a way interplay marketing to reach more public awareness towards the Cloud Kitchen as an economic recovery program for SME's. This course is the combination between communication and business which I passionate and believe could help SME's across Indonesia to be more exposed to the market.

Please kindly need your help to give feedback
Thank you and have a good day everyone!

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Feb 15, 2021   #2
You only responded to the course choice discussion. You did not indicate the university of choice and why you chose that university. The response should be divided into 3 parts. The basis of your course choice, which was covered in the first part, the course you chose and its application to your profession, delivered in the second part. The third part, that should have explained how you came to choose the university, based on these previous presentations, is sorely missing in the final part of the presentation. Have yo decided on a university to attend yet? Do some research into the university and how the program them offer directly relates to your interests, academic goals, and professional requirements. Those information will help you deliver the proper 400 word response for the consideration of the reviewer. You have some pretty good information presented here, it is just short in terms of discussion requirements based on the prompt provided.