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Career Objective for a Scholarship in pursuing Petroleum Engineering

Minel 1 / 1  
Jan 17, 2017   #1

career in petroleum industry in Ghana

Seeking to build a career in the very dynamic young petroleum industry in Ghana, as a petroleum engineer with the background of geomatics engineering to help in the sustainable development of the country.

Please help me out!

Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Jan 17, 2017   #2
Emmanuel, I am not sure what kind of help you expect us to give you regarding your scholarship application. The career objective is something that you should have had even before you decided to apply for this scholarship. The only thing that I can do for you at this point is to ask you questions that might be able to help me create an idea of what kind of career objective essay you can write.

1. Is this for a masters degree scholarship or a college scholarship?
2. If this is for a masters degree, do you have any related experience? Can you mention some of it here for our consideration?
3. Why do you wish to study Petroleum Engineering at this point? If it is for a masters degree, what career path do you wish to take?

4. Can you tell me if you have a post study plan for yourself ? What is it? This applies whether you are only a college or masters degree applicant.

5. What scholarship in particular are you applying to? I need the name of the scholarship so that I can better assess the requirements for the career objective that they will be expecting to read in your essay.
OP Minel 1 / 1  
Jan 18, 2017   #3
yes it's a masters degree i seek to pursue. so i intend to apply for KAAD scholarship and it's a requirement for one to fill out a questionnaire for assessment. and a career objective is one of the things i have to write. My first degree is BSc. Geomatics engineering but i seek to build my career as a petroleum engineer. i am currently working with the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and i have a little exposure to the oil and gas industry. so for me to apply for that scholarship, i would like to write a career objective which will suit what i intend to do..
Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Jan 19, 2017   #4
Emmanuel, in order to write this career objective properly, you will need to find a common ground between your first degree in Geomatics Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. Since your first degree relates, in my understanding, to gathering information about soil samples and the quality of soil, then you can combine that knowledge with responsible petroleum engineering movements. Your career objective should be to find a method by which Geomatic Engineering can help those working Petroleum Engineering fields to responsibly produce gas from natural or artificial sources that will not harm the soil or the environment. Google possible career choices that relate the two fields if you have not done so yet. That is the way that you can develop a tentative career objective for yourself until you figure out what kind of career you actually want to pursue after you complete your masters degree.

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