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Career Plan for Brightly Civil Engineer - Chevening Scholarship

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Oct 25, 2017   #1
Finished my second essay for Chevening, looking for feedback and corrections.


Chevening is looking for individuals who have a clear post-study career plan. Please outline your immediate plans upon returning home and your long-term career goals. You may wish to consider how these relate to what the UK government is doing in your country.

word count: 500 words

Indonesia's development growth inseverable from a role of the U.K Government. According to Indonesia minister of foreign affair, the U.K Department for International Development (DFID) has contributed to invest almost £30,000,000. Indonesia is focusing on infrastructure development, which In 2016 construction sectors had contributed as drivers to economic growth. Indonesia government allocated 183,2-pound sterling which breaks down in 26,67 percent construction of the reservoir, 20,89 percent construction of the highway, and 10,67 percent construction of special economic sectors. As a common knowledge that in Indonesia, there are many engineers who a specialist on design or structural but there is only a few specialist have managerial skill. This condition gives impact which the fund from the government does not distribute precisely. Hence, being an Engineer in the country which has a significantly develop makes me cannot be restrained to devote for the empowerment nation.

My immediate plan after returning Indonesia is to continue work on the construction sector and become a Section Head of division in the construction area. The knowledge and practice gained from the master course will allow me to generate the required skills to establish a higher standard in quality and cost aspects. Due to inadequate human resources (a specialist) in Indonesian's construction industry. It will reaffirm my position to be on the top management in a short period time.

On the part of that, I will be held accountable for plan a design and construct to generate the best product of construction. Due to the fact, the construction in Indonesia has frequently overdue the schedule, the construction quality in Indonesia below the U.K standardization, and uneven the sustainable development in each area. I strongly believe that I will be the right person to take up assignments and brings the better future in Indonesia. Firstly, I will make a master schedule that connected to the construction in general, each element in the construction should be integrated with another element. For example, In the beginning of the project, I plan a schedule where the infrastructure work should be finished before the construction begins, delivery of the materials should have a clear track. As the result, the main schedule will be on time. Secondly, I will devise a proposal regarding a development in a remote area. I will cooperate with the company and also the government to raise a social welfare in the remote area. With contributed from the U.K department which funding my civil engineering and management master program and also experiences in the field position through several large-scale constructions, I absolutely have a huge chance to solve all the problem above.

Furthermore, My long-term plan after practically applies all aspect of the subject of Civil Engineering and Management, I see my self on the top management being as a General Manager which strengthen diplomatic relations among Indonesia and U.K government. I will make sure that the development in Indonesia right on target, so the funding from the U.K department will be allocated optimally. With brightly career path, I honoured to be your candidate.

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Oct 25, 2017   #2
Ayu, don't just give a run down of the DFID investment in Indonesia. You have to explain how you plan to take part in the development of the engineering sector via the UK project. For example, explain that you will be looking to start your own company that will apply for funding from the DFID so that you can assure the UK government that their funding will be spent on their target projects and also, that you will collaborate closely with the DFID in the development of the project. Place the UK investment in Indonesia somewhere in the middle of the essay. Kick off the essay with your personal plans first. That way, you can develop a paragraph that will allow you to smoothly transition into the DFID discussion. Basically, this essay is all set. You just made a mistake in the positioning of the information. So you should just rearrange the the presentation in order to make it more effective. Follow the outline for the presentation as provided in the prompt requirements. That is why the UK information should be towards the end of the essay.
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Oct 28, 2017   #3

thank you for your feedback, I plan to start my own company soon, I plan to mention that in studying in the U.K essay because it say that relates to your plans in the future. is it more suitable mention in this essay or in the studying in the U.K essay?
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,305 2862  
Oct 29, 2017   #4
Any reference to your future career plans and how you plan to achieve them should be included in the Post Study Plans essay. While these plans do have some relation to the reasons for your study, the developed discussion of that belongs in the Post Study essay. That can be the basis for your post study plan presentation. It might be easier for you to connect your company to a UK project in your country. It is important that you do not duplicate information in the essays you are presenting. That is a Chevening dictate that must be complied with at all times within all essays. So the study plan should present your career plans that omit the plan to start your own company in the future. Since you have 3 courses to consider for the study plan, you can create unique career plans for each one. Thus allowing you to fully skip the "build my company" part for future use.

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