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Career Plan After MSc Program - Renewable Energy

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Feb 27, 2020   #1

I intend to return to my work

Upon the successful completion of the program, I intend to return to my current place of work Matrix Energy where we focus on energizing rural and underserved communities with a bespoke electrification solution that suits the communities. I aim to champion the crusade of energy conservation awareness by networking with the policymaker in the energy sector in my country. The MSc program will enable me to tap into the trends and emerging practices in Renewable Energy globally, where data is driven force, l will also focus on data gathering via energy audit using the latest devices and innovation.

However, after two years of returning home, my next involvement will be to learn the business aspect of energy; energy economics by putting in for an MBA program, my long term goal is to own an energy company that creates value for the environment, where we pursue with rigor the energy storage aspect of renewable energy owing to my background of chemical engineering.

Afterward, I will leverage on the network I've gathered over the years, education background and skillset to established a mini-grid innovation lab where Knowledge sharing and business will intersect.

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Feb 28, 2020   #2
Just focus on your immediate plans after graduation from the MSc program. There is no need to complicate the discussion with the MBA presentation because that is another step in your educational process that has nothing to do with your MSc degree. Instead, discuss how you will share what you have learned through your MSc with others in your field. Specifically, discuss knowledge transference within your office to help create more skilled professionals in your company. Explain how you plan to do this through company sponsored seminars, pocket talks, and other applicable scenarios. You should also explain how you plan to receive a promotion at the company because of the additional education you have received. Depict a mentor program you might be able to start for the rank and file employees at your company based on this training. The idea is to explain how you will be using the knowledge not only for yourself, but to also help the industry and industry professionals in your country. Those are the information that normally reflect the way that you create a career plan for yourself after graduation.
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Feb 28, 2020   #3
Grateful for the feedback.

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