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Saïd scholarship: Career plan in Urban development & the role of urban planning for rebuilding

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Oct 31, 2017   #1
Hi, I need help for my career plan question for Saïd scholarship application. thank you :)


1. Please provide details of your most notable achievement of which you are most proud of. Your achievement can be from any of the roles you have listed

250-word limit
My most notable achievement of which I am most proud of was teaching hundreds of Syrian students a variety of computer software in the time of war. Syria has been facing one of its most serious challenges in its modern history. People lost their lives, other lost their properties. In such a society, we have been required to adopt and to support each other. I decided to teach my fellow Syrian students a variety of computer software and computational skills. For few years I taught these Architecture software and computational skills for others as part of initiative by XXXX University. I aspired many of young students, I am very proud of that.

In addition to that and over the past hard 6 years of crisis in Syria, I have developed my career and study skills with the sole purpose of gaining vital experience and skills necessary to set up and run a successful social enterprise that will combine my passion for art and architecture with the experience of urban design in my country Syria. I believe in teamwork and I believe in devoting ourselves for our people.

2. Please give details of any voluntary or community work, you should explain how you first become involved, what was your role and how long you volunteered for

250-word limit
Further to my previous answer, given my extensive computer skills and computational skills. I liaised with XXXX University, School of Architecture and we set up a plan to teach other students the software I know. The origin of the initiative was that the faculty of Architecture acknowledged a gap between the taught theoretical concepts of architecture and the needed practical applications, most of students were using out of dates software to design their own projects. The financial situation for many of them was difficult to seek a private education in these fields. I had no hesitation; for 3 years I and my colleague run these voluntary teaching activities and workshops with love and hope. I have been very optimistic yet enthusiastic about the future of my country and its people.
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Oct 31, 2017   #2
Rebal, we have a one essay per thread policy in this forum so you are actually in violation of those rules. As such, I am not going to be responding to the other essays you posted. I am only allowed to respond to the first thread that you posted. Admin will delete the other essays when they spot your essay so you should post the other essays as separate threads while you have the time to do so. Don't wait to get flagged with a warning.

You have not completely discussed why you consider teaching hundreds of Syrian students a variety of computer software during a time of war an accomplishment. You should fully develop this discussion with more evidence as to why you consider this your most notable achievement. What did you have to do to accomplish the impossible task. What was the result of your sacrifice and innovative approach to teaching? Develop that discussion and delete the second paragraph. You are being asked to discuss only one achievement, not 2. As such, you will have to pick which of the two achievements you presented will be the focus of the essay. You cannot do both. The reviewer only wants to read about one achievement with a detailed explanation of why you think that is so.

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