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My challenge: the order to manage the payroll software to meet the latest Government Regulation

bagusetyawan 8 / 27 7  
Mar 7, 2017   #1
This question come up from my Scholarship Application.
How have you contributed to solving a challenge and to implementing change or reform? (Be specific and include: what aspect/s of your leadership knowledge, skills and practice you consider to be well established and effective; which people or organisations you worked with to solve the problem; and what creative methods were used.)

And here's my answer. Please give me a comment.

solving a challenge and implementing a change

As IT Professional, I have had the most remarkable challenge in my career stint when I was working at PT. King Jim Indonesia. I was given direct order from Senior Manager to manage the Payroll software to meet the latest Government Regulation. The software required updates including:

-Add a module to manage special employee's attendance
-Update on overtime & tax calculation module
I was working cross-sectioned with 2 other departments to manage these conditions (PGA Dept, Finance Dept). I invited their representative to discuss this condition in a meeting; in the meeting I explained the requirements before working on software updates. I divided them to do some jobs which is resulting the manuals of man power and salary calculation.

Meanwhile, after I had analyzed the software, I found that the software was developed with unorganized DB consisted with myriad tables with no table relations and normalization. The UI also was also very puzzling for users and did not arranged properly. The worst part, however, there was no source code making it impossible to make any modifications.

My solution for Attendance module was creating a Patch. I analyzed the DB based on data transactions because I needed to know which tables that are affected when a transaction was executed. As a result, I get the DB's Map that I used to develop Patch program. This patch used the same DB as the Main program so they can be synchronized.

The most difficult part was dealing with Overtime & Tax module. Since there was no source code, the only solution to this was Database Programming, an unorthodox approach because usually programmers will put the logical functions on Program. It required high data accuracy to ensure the data was processed correctly. It worked like a cheat that will manipulate data between the processes of application's execution and storing data. Aside from I had to work so hard to do this, the result was satisfying because it can meet the requirements.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,979 2696  
Mar 7, 2017   #2
Bagu, while the situation that you represented is very impressive and really shows off your skills as a determined leader, I did not get a sense of how you collaborated with the other departments and representatives in order to resolve the situation. did you really do all of this by yourself without any other assistants? Please be realistic in your presentation and give due credit to the others who had helped you resolve the situation. The problems you faced, although a programmers job, could not be accomplished without the help of others. That is one other aspect of your personality that this prompt requires you to present to the reviewer. Please make sure that you show your team work and collaborative abilities as well in order to create well rounded professional image in the eyes of the reviewer.
digaprasiska 10 / 27 6  
Mar 7, 2017   #3
Hi bagusetyawan,....

I am sorry but i don't really read which part of your essay explaining about your leadership aspect. The scholarship somehow demand people with leadership ability.

Starting from your first paragraph you only focus on what you did to your job. Not once you explain how you deal with your team or another people in your department. Please develop your essay by explaining about your leadership ability

Thank you
akbarmappiare 31 / 469 275  
Mar 7, 2017   #4
Hi Iwan, I have read your writing closely and found a few improvement you need to deal with them
Actually, a matter you explained in this is facinating. However, you should also sharpen your abiility to collaborate with your team because there were a few prompts you to show your capability in managing the team. Well, you have stated in some sentences, but you still need strengthening them. You tended to review your experience with presenting specific vocabulary which no all know them so that readers will meet confusion in the middle of your writing. I suggest you deliver the problem with you can tackle it with your team. Besides that, you can show off your ability to explore abilities of your team so that it can prove that you can motivate your team to be better. For your grammar, this is good, but you need to make the flow better so that you can lead the readers to getting the points of your writing.


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