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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - DREAM AND EFFORT FOR FUTURE PLAN

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May 16, 2019   #1

Applying for KAIST Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Please describe your dream and the efforts you have made so far to achieve it and your future plan for it. (within 2000 characters/300words) (Required)

※ Please include your reason(s) for choosing KAIST in order to achieve your dream and the hardships that you expect to encounter in the process.

For years, I have longed for building a chemical company in Vietnam and Korea. This company will specialize in treating waste and types of pollution by using new biochemical technologies/methods to protect the environment. Currently, many major cities worldwide like Hanoi and Seoul are facing a high level of dust mostly thanks to the dramatic increase in private vehicles usage. This would definitely bring numerous catastrophic consequences to humanity in the long run. Therefore, I want to build devices and factories that can minimize the dust levels at these big cities in order to use the biological process.

To pursue my dream, I began to find out related courses/programs. When reading about KAIST Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering's courses and philosophy, I knew KAIST was what I was searching for. At the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, one thing I am impressed is that each professor with his own research field/area interest manages each lab. Throughout hours studying and working in the lab, under the in-depth guidance of professors, students would find out their desired field and gain valuable experience in their major. Such a valuable experience, I believe, would benefit me on the way to be a thriving scientist and a prospective chemical company director. At KAIST, I really want to experience many things like the difficulties at KAIST. At KAIST, I want to experience the pressures at KAIST like my future work. It will help me get acquainted and have a lot of experience in the future working environment. I also know that after studying at KAIST, there will be lots of opportunities to practice and work in large companies around the world in my field. It will be a great lever to achieve your dream.

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