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Chevening Academic essay - Three courses choice in UK

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Nov 1, 2019   #1
Dear all,
Thank you for all your review my last two essay. This is the third essay I need your feedback to improve my writing. Thanks for taking time!

Explain picking these particular courses

Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future. Please do not duplicate the information you have entered on the work experience and education section of this form (minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

Speaking of academic ability, I am confident about my knowledge and skills for any education-related postgraduate courses for 9-year experience working with many popular E-learning platforms including Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle. As a trainer, I have created training materials and facilitated workshops on college-level educational software, general technical support, and best practices for distance learning. As a learner, I continuously participate in Massive Open Online Course to update my knowledge in the field. Having experience with both user-end and back-end of the online learning system, I have the unique perspective of identifying challenges that may interfere with online teaching strategies while also identifying solutions to improve student learning and retention.

On the educational level, I choose UK as my study destination due to the fact it is the first nation applied technology in education and implemented a completely online degree from college to doctoral level. This is also home to the only world-ranked open university, which revolutionized the scope of the correspondence program and inspired the creation of many "Open University", where use distance education technologies as delivery methods.

Through my research, University College London (UCL) is my first choice with the Master in Education and Technology. As the world's first-ranked institute in Education subject, UCL provides an excellent environment for developing methodological skills to design, use and critically appraise 'EdTech' with its unique framework for research-based education (Connected Curriculum) and the leading interdisciplinary centre for the innovative study and design of digital media and technologies (UCL Knowledge Lab). Furthermore, unique optional modules like "Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education" and "Learning Design for Online and Blended Learning" give me an opportunity for practical application of AI concepts to specific educational problems and explores design methods for blended and online education.

My second choice is the University of Nottingham with the Master in Digital Teaching and Learning. Apart from learning to evaluate the use of technologies in educational contexts, I can develop the ability to systematically understand and critically evaluate and apply research methodologies relevant to digital technologies in actual research projects. More importantly, this program is offered by Learning Sciences Research Institute (LSRI), in which I will have an invaluable opportunity to connect with experts in the field at the first centre of excellence for research in the learning sciences in the UK. This network will help me a lot in my future research career in Vietnam particularly.

My last choice is the University of Bristol with the Master in Education, specializing in Learning, Technology and Society. This program provides an open pathway for me to design my learning in applying digital technologies in a wide variety of settings and developing curriculum and assessment in different education levels, which will be the best foundation for me to become a lecturer and course developer in the future.

Overall, postgraduate study in UK does not only provide me essential knowledge to work in the rapidly growing EdTech sector, but also an invaluable long-term international networking opportunities with field expert that support my potential research career.
Nana Byl 2 / 4 4  
Nov 1, 2019   #2
Overall, I think you have a very good essay but the opening didn't move me much to continue reading.
Fundamentally, the question wants you to answer three questions; Why did you choose that university and course? How does the course relate to your previous academic or professional experience? What is the connection between the course and your future plans?

Why did you choose that university and course?
I think Chevening wants to be convinced that you are not just going in for a random university for the sake of a scholarship. They want you to justify your university choice. So first, you must give them a good reason why you chose to study a particular course. Let them know that you understand the course. You did this very well.

However, how does the course relate to your previous academic or professional experience?
In the essay question, there is an emphasis on how the courses relate to your academic and professional experiences. In essence, it's important to be strategic and mention your academic background, mostly your undergraduate studies and explain how it relates to your desired course.

Then, what is the connection between the course and your future plans?
Explain how the course relates to your future aspirations. Do this briefly but convincingly, because you'll talk more about it in your career plan essay. it will probably serve as the transient link between this essay and the career plans essay

Also, you might want to let your second paragraph reflect in the choice of courses and check the punctuation for the longer sentences.

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