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Chevening scholarship - leadership and influencer question

genceli 1 / 1  
Sep 20, 2015   #1
Most people believe that leadership is a skill inherited or acquired at birth. However leaders are individuals can influence, motivate people around him and get followed by them. In doing so, a leader achieves his goals by putting his intentions into actions with these characteristics: vision, perseverance and dedication.

First, vision is a characteristic that every leader should have it, because with vision a leader convinces the people around him about his dreams and it gives the leader to see ahead in order to change. During my first university year I witnessed a lot of shortages both in education and school administration. Most students did not want to study because they have already bribed teachers to pass exams. In order to create corruption free school I became a member of student senate of the university and opened talks with other members about it. I persuaded them that by educating students about Bologna education system which our university implemented and organizing free pan cake and study hours in cafeteria we could solve this problem in our university. As a result, we invited Transparency Azerbaijan educators to our university to give talks about fighting against corruption. Despite we partially accomplished goal, it was a great success for me.

Another feature is perseverance that a good leader should manage to overcome difficulties might be occurred in every step. For instance: when I decided to open foreign languages training center, but I did not have a finance to start it. So many times I tried to open my school, but I failed however my passion to achieve my goal did not finish. Contrariwise my passion to open English school kept me positive. I searched ways to reach my goal. So I talked with my friend about idea and we visited many banks to persuade them about our project and finally Unibank gave us a credit and opened our Education Training Academy.

Finally, a person who owns leadership skills should dedicate himself to his work and should work hard, because dedication and hard work play a cornerstone for previous two characteristics to succeed as leader. First three months as an English teacher I could not do well in my classroom. We had only a few students, because implemented non-formal education to teach English and students had never had this experience, because they always taught with formal education. I mixed formal and non-formal education in my classroom setting. This method attracted more students every day. As a result I learned that dedication and hard work is the most important feature in my life.

To sum up, leaders are not the people to seek chances they always create chances for themselves to change their community, society and country toward good with their vision, perseverance and dedication to their work. As a young leader I believe that I have good accomplishments up to now. Although I am not satisfied with it and I am eager to move forward and acquire new methods and techniques in education so that I bring them back to my country to prepare future presidents, scholar, doctors in my country.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 20, 2015   #2
Hi Genceli. Listen, I know that you have to portray your potential as a future leader and influential person in your country when you apply for a Chevening Scholarship. As per the essay you wrote, you carry these leadership traits within you although you presented each aspect as a separate part of your development or personality. That method of presenting yourself makes the essay confusing to read for the reviewer. My opinion, is that you should use only one story to portray your leadership and influence development, that way your reader can better keep track of your story.

Please try to write a version of this essay that concentrates solely on your plight to open the language center in your area. By telling this story in its entirety and concentrating the essay just on this topic, you will be able to better highlight your leadership abilities. This story has it all, the vision, perseverance, and potential to influence future generations all rolled into one story that also shows how you respond to adversity and portrays your 'never accept defeat' attitude. Both of which are also important character traits in a leader.

One more reason why I would like you to consider just concentrating on one story for your essay is because your current written work is quite long. It tries to offer too much background information about you. I am sure there are still other essays where you can discuss the other accomplishments that you have had in life. Don't try to impress the reviewer by presenting it all at once. The tendency will be for the reviewer to instead forget most of what you wrote.

Writing a compelling essay is more important than offering up all of the information about your accomplishments in life. Choosing that one, turning point story to represent you can accomplish more in creating an excellent leadership persona for you with the scholarship reviewer than an extra long, complex collection of your life stories. Try to achieve your goal using only one story. The story that you feel will best highlight your leadership skills. In my opinion, this can be done by the language center story. If you have another idea for the story that can do that for you, I'd be glad to review it.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Sep 22, 2015   #3
- However leaders are individuals who can influence,
- motivate people around him and getbe followed by them .
- First, vision is a characteristic that every leader should have it ,
- ...because with vision a leader...
- During my first year in the university year I , witnessed...
- In order to create a corruption free school...
- I became a member of the student senate...
- ...of the university and opened talksdiscussions with other members about it.
- Despite all the hard work, we partially...
-...accomplished the goal,...

I made a few remarks for your essay, I hope it helps!!!

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