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Chevening Essay - Leadership (How I lead as a civil servant in Information Technology)

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Leadership essay for chevening

The Short Summary
1. The Situation
2. The influence part
3. The Leadership part
4. Conclusion

Since graduating from my bachelor degree, I am working in X Agency until now. I worked as a Technology Information Officer in X Branch, then as a Performance Analyst in Personnel Divison. In both job, my responsibilities are managing the data, software and hardware of digital application. During working, I realise the government is lack of public servant with digital literacy and competency.

In 2014, I work in X Branch where I discover the monthly revenue reports still inputted manually, even though there is a raw revenue data in The Digital Application that can be processed with excel formula. Therefore, I propose to take the job and make more detailed report like recapitulation of revenue comparison data and the average number vehicle type each day. As a result, the report was appreciated by the Head of X Agency and became the new basic format for other branchs. Then, on holidays, I hold meetings in my house with employees from other branch to teach the procedures, formulas and sharing knowledge for learning excel. Eventhough I am the youngest in my workplace, I always try motivate employees that feel too old to learn by telling them the story of my father who teached me and learned Excel from books at the age of almost 50. I also said that only few of my friends in college can use excel formulas and they still have the opportunity to compete with the younger generation. I feel proud because these meetings can motivate other employees to develop their excel skills and make a report that are more specific and measurable for revenue targets.

In 2017, I got promotion to Personnel Division and my supervisor give me task to lead my colleague to prepared for the digital application which he will pay with his own money. After I discussed with my colleagues about how they do and divide the task, I suggest them three plan, such as digitalise the files, make a VBA Excel for processing data while waiting the application and change how divide the task to based on the type of service. My colleague and supervisor uncomfortable with the last suggestion, but I convince them to try for three months. However, within a month, my colleagues felt satisfied with this system because they can be more focus and easier to complete the task. Before the application was completed, there was a shift in my supervisor position which resulted it being cancelled. I feel this problem is an opportunity for me to learn that skill. I started learn programming language and I made web-based application (X) for giving information to employee in branch office in 2021. As a result, personnel service became efficient and even some services run automatically.

I am sure with my previous experience, knowledge and what I would gain from this scholarship will not only improve my skills to become an excellent leader, but also solve problems in the current government which requires more IT leaders for E-Governments programs.

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