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Chevening Essay about Network - Professional development through networking

dhearifa 2 / 1 1  
Oct 26, 2017   #1
I am applying for Chevening Scholarship. Please kindly help me to improve my essay about network. Thank you.


Chevening is looking for individuals with strong networking skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your networking skills, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future.

(minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

The basis of networking are information and ideas exchange. As a teacher being involved in different kinds of education institutions, I have gained a wide knowledge about both education systems and teaching skills from networking. My first teaching experience was a voluntary work for International Kindergarten Project by AIESEC Rzeszow in Poland in 2013. The project aimed to promote cross-cultural learning experience for children 3-6 years old. My responsible was to lead daily workshop about Indonesian culture and teach English in interactive way. At the beginning of the project, I attended a preparation seminar which had 50 interns from different countries such as Greece, Egypt, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and many more. Every week I taught in different kindergartens with an interns from different countries. I got to know another interns, local committee, teacher, principals, school admin, etc. Through this network, I was able to develop my networking skill which is very useful to improve my career as a teacher.

In 2015, I became an intern in ISCO (Indonesia Street Children Organization) which is an non-profit organization focused on creating equal education access for underprivileged children and prevent child labor. One of ISCO's programs is CAC (Child Activity Center) in slum areas as a safe and attractive place for children to prevent the children from working on the street. I was a teaching assistant for preschool activities in CAC. During this internship, I got to know the founders of ISCO from Austria and France. They worked for technology sector in Indonesia during monetary crisis which made them concern about child labor and education issues. I also got to know the management of ISCO, supporting donors, and fellow teachers. They are very inspiring for me because they are working to give a better life for vulnerable children.

Currently, I am having full-time employment as a teacher in Kinderfield which is an international school with sixteen centers in Java, Sumatra, and Borneo. Every year Human Resource Department of Kinderfield provides training and curriculum meeting for teachers, vice principals, and principals. I got many group projects during training which helped me to build relationship and exchange knowledge with colleagues. I got so many insight from them because of the differences in each centers and most of them have more teaching experience than me. In addition, I had training about child development with psychologist which enables me to understand my students better. These days, I keep contacting teachers from different centers to discuss about teaching method and materials.

In conclusion, network is an effective resource for my professional development. My teaching experiences in Poland, ISCO, and Kinderfield are really different in terms of curriculum, children's background, and the school's environment which became a great challenge for me. However, building and maintaining relationship have developed my self to unravel the challenges. My broad networking in education sectors could contribute to Chevening networks. Moreover, I would be glad to share my experience and expand my networking with Chevening scholars.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,933 3567  
Oct 27, 2017   #2
Dhea, you have been participating in various organizations since the start of your career that can actually be considered networks. The problem with your presentation is that there is no clear or definitive method by which these organizations have criss-crossed within your profession to be considered a usable network. It is not enough that you join them, after you join them, they need to create a sense of intersection within your career where you joined one organization, moved on to the next, had to use the previous organization's contacts to to a better job in your current position, and in the process, ended up creating a new network because of a referral or something that allowed you to contact another usable organization connected to your field of employment. Think of this as a physical social network. Where are the common "Friend" points where these connections become useful to you and use those points to create the basis for the usefulness of your network in a Chevening designed need for mentors and other sponsors for previous and upcoming scholars. If this network is useful to you, explain how the network will also be useful to Chevening in the future. Provide examples of the usefulness of your network other than the work that you did for them. That reasoning does not justify that these are networks. It only qualifies the connection as work experiences.

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