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Chevening-networking is simply the sharing of one's valuable experience and information with others.

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Nov 6, 2016   #1
Please share your comments on my below answer to the Chevening networking question.


There is no single word for "networking" in XXX and the English word "networking" is being used directly in most cases. Since there is no word with this meaning, the concept of networking is relatively new in XXX and most people perceive this word in conjunction with "networking events" or far from everyday use. In my opinion, networking is simply the sharing of one's valuable experience and information with others.

In high school, I used to maintain good relationships with most of my classmates and was well-respected by them. I still keep the awards granted by my classmates when selecting me as the friendliest student of the class. Even though I had no interest in leading others, I enjoyed meeting new students, learning from their English learning experiences and sharing my own experience of self-studying English. After the word "networking" started being used, I knew that what I did back in high school was some type of networking, and that it was beneficial to me and the other students. Since that time, I started to think about networking with more purpose and plan.

After I started working at my current job, a law firm, I observed that the associates barely share their experiences. that results in the associates not having information about the projects that other associates may already gained some valuable experience worth sharing. When I first introduced the idea to my colleagues, they supported it. However, it was hard to be implemented in reality due to the heavy workload of the firm. Although I was already busy with work, I regularly reminded my fellow associates about the session, since I could clearly foresee the positive outcome of the firm networking session. Despite some failures, I managed to make the session a routine of the firm. I'm sure that our associates, learned from each other's experiences, would have much more knowledge than our peers at other companies, in the legal field where knowledge is a crucial asset.

I'm not allowed to become a member of XXX Bar Association, the main community of XXX lawyers, until I pass the bar exam that I'm going to take this November. So, in 2014, I joined XXX Lawyers' Community, another community of XXX lawyers that doesn't require the bar exam for entrance. First I entered the community, I was a newly graduated lawyer with almost no professional experience. As I became more and more engaged in its activities, I learned so much from other experienced members. Now after 2 years at the community, I myself have much to share with other, especially new lawyers of the community.

Networking always gives some kind of advantage over not networking. With the use of my networking skills, I hope that I will be able to communicate with the global Chevening Community and lawyers from across the globe, share mutual experiences and improve their understanding of XXX. It would also be great chance to boost my networking skills with the experience of networking with international peers and future leaders. I'm also positive my networking skills will not only benefit myself from the things I learned through my experience as a Chevening scholar, but also can be beneficial to other people I could share my knowledge and experience gained from studying in the UK.

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Nov 6, 2016   #2
Zolzaya, it is funny how you set out to write an essay about networking and ended up explaining a leadership skill on your part. I do believe that you should use this essay as your leadership and influencing essay instead. It just meets all of the requirements of the leadership prompt requirements. Needless to say, it really fell short when it came to trying to embody the networking discussion that should have been depicted in the essay. It will not hurt you to try and develop a different and more relevant networking essay. You obviously have the networking ability, you just need to make sure that you discuss your networking skill next time. Don't confuse it with the leadership essay that you also have to write for the same scholarship grant alright? Those are two different essays and I think you got it confused while you were developing this essay.

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