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Chevening Networking - Networking in solving a case

ruthmargaretha21 2 / 4 2  
Oct 11, 2018   #1
Hello. this is my essay for Chevening (Networking section). Your insights are very much appreciated.

meeting the Director-General

As a lawyer, I practice networking on a daily basis. I am always meeting, discussing and sharing information with people; whether it is the government officers, clients, fellow lawyers or other legal profession.

In August 2018, my firm had a client that intended to import a telecommunication device from Japan to Indonesia. The client requested my firm to confirm whether they can be exempted from certain obligation in importing their device.

The Director-General is in charge in granting exemptions. However, meeting the Director-General is can be quite challenging. Not everyone has the privilege to meet him, yet I needed his direct decision to get my job done.

I knew I had to be creative, so I reached out to the group of friends whom mostly worked on the government office that I met during a law seminar I participated in January 2018. I initiated a social media group consisted of the participants in which we would exchange information, discuss and regularly catch up with each other. I asked the group whether anyone has any connection to the Director-General and one participant who worked at the office Ministry of Communication and Informatics responded.

He managed to get me an appointment to have a discussion with his senior, an officer in the Ministry of Communications and Informatics in the specific division regarding telecommunication devices. The officer my friend referred to me was not in the position to arrange a meeting or to assist me in contacting the Director-General. However, I asked the officer to arrange me a meeting with his supervisor, the Section Head for Radio Communication Infrastructure, which he agreed.

Upon meeting with the Section Head for Radio Communication Infrastructure, I was able to convey a letter which explains the inquiry of my client and request a discussion with the Director-General, which the Section Head will convey to the officers working directly under the Director-General. Days later, my firm received a letter from the Director-General in which he answered my client's inquiries.

Although the Director-General was not available for a meeting, I was able to get in touch with him and fulfill my client's request by reaching out to a network that I have built and managed to maintain during my professional career.

If Chevening elects me as an awardee, I will use the privilege and opportunity given to me to broaden my network with more people from various backgrounds. I will dedicate my time and expertise while continuously learning and sharing my knowledge to even more people, which will be of help for me to achieve my career plan, which I hope will be of assistance whether in Indonesia, the United Kingdom or any part of the world.

thithinwe 3 / 7 1  
Oct 11, 2018   #2
Hello,ruth.Nice to meet you.Firstly,I want to suggest you to make points what should be included in each paragraph.Your example is still weak,I mean you are making appointments instead of extending a professional network with which you can enormously improve your professional knowledge and contribute the network of others.You can add law firm as an example,and initially should show how this firm is helpful to you and your tasks.And how you try to maintain that relationship.And not only beneficial to you,but also how can be helpful to Chevening community.How it can help future fellow scholars.it will be perfect using instances here and your future plan to make new networks in UK and Indonesia.Go outside normal workplace.Your examples is too long and missing some important points which reviewers are seeking.Don't mind my comments.Thank a lot,ruth.Have a good time.
Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Oct 12, 2018   #3
Ruth, on the contrary, this is an essay that displays a strong example of a wide profession related network on a national scale. The problem is not the network but the presentation that you used. You need to revise the essay in the following manner:

1. Discuss how you normally create your networks. That means you can mention some notable seminars and training you have attended. Pay particular attention and expand on the discussion regarding the seminar where you made the acquaintance of your contact person at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics. Describe the kind of relationship you created with this person at the seminar.

2. Discuss why you felt that a social media group network needed to be created for all your contacts. What was the purpose of the social media group and how did you hope to utilize these contacts for your profession? Who were the members of this social group? Is it still active? How have the members interacted network wise so far? How useful has this social media network been to your profession and to the other members?

3. Increase the focus of your discussion to include how you expanded your network on a personal basis through the contacts you made at the ministry after this project. Who are these people ? Are they in positions of note? Have you needed to call upon their help again recently?

4. Close by further explaining the coverage of your network and describe why the Chevening community will benefit from the inclusion of your national personal and social media network in the process.

Make the above changes and your essay goes from weak to highly indicative of an important personal and social media network that has the ability to create a national and international impact on the Chevening community.
lany83 5 / 15 4  
Oct 12, 2018   #4
Hi, you have a very strong essay. Review the contribution you will make to promote chevening in your country, it is extremely important that you use your network to promote this connection.

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