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Essay on Choice of Universities (Chevening Scholarship 2020/2021)

EluwahDaniel 1 / 1  
Oct 30, 2019   #1

the rigorous one year of study in the UK

Despite being among the biggest economies in Africa, which requires being driven by a robust information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, Nigeria [i]is ranked by the 2018 United Nations e-Government Development Index (EGDI)as 22nd in Africa and 143rd globally. This is largely due to the lack of human capacity and expertise in ICT among other factors. Little wonder that the Nigerian Cyber Security Outlook for 2019 by Deloitte predicts an increased demand for IT professionals in Nigeria, especially experts in cyber security, as cyber-attacks will increase with e-governance initiatives as potential targets.

The above facts and my experience working with the National Identity Management Commission - the government agency responsible for managing the National Identity Database of citizens and legal residents in Nigeria, have deepened my appreciation for the importance of database management and information security. I concluded that to positively add value to my nation's e-governance initiative through her identity management project, switching to a career in Information Technology is the best thing to do.

For my first choice, I settled for the MSc Information Technology offered at the University of Glasgow. Besides being structured for persons with no computing science background and an appropriate route to make a career change into Information Technology, the course content embraces my yearnings which is to be equipped with the requisite skills with regards managing databases and cyber security - a major challenge in Nigeria's ICT sector and indeed world over. Impressively, the university has consistently been ranked among the best 100 universities in the world and among the top 10 institutions in the UK by the Times Higher Education world university rankings since 2016 based on subject.

The University of Aberdeen's MSc degree programme also in Information Technology is my second preferred choice. Exposure to modules like Information Security taught by Dr. Nigel Beacham will prepare me on the techniques for developing secure information systems. I also anticipate getting hands-on experience on software projects working at the Aberdeen Software Factory. These experiences will help me build upon the theoretical knowledge from my ongoing Postgraduate Diploma studies in Information Technology with the National Open University of Nigeria.

With a unique blend of IT and management, the MSc Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change programme offered by the Lancaster University Management School's is my third choice. The course structure is particularly appealing because it empowers e-governance administrators like me to understand the relationship between organisational development and technology. I have no doubt the programme will rightly position me in these two key areas. With an eight-time record as UK's Best University Halls since 2010 by the National Student Housing Awards, the accommodating atmosphere of Lancaster will help me to pursue my passion with excellence.

Overall, the rigorous one year of study in the UK will not only help me become a seasoned IT-expert but also avail me the opportunity of networking with intelligent like minds and developing an international mind-set as I meet persons from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Nana Byl 2 / 4 4  
Nov 1, 2019   #2
As an applicant myself, I'm not sure if I'm the best to evaluate this but i will try. Overall, i think you have a very good essay but struggling with a just a few punctuation and putting the message across.

... in Nigeria, - have deepened...

embraces my yearnings, which ... with regards to ... security -, a major ... sector and indeed world over.

Also, i think your essay lacked how the courses will help your future career. If you look at the marking procedure, it says "Applicant clearly demonstrates that they have thoroughly researched their three chosen courses. They provide excellent and detailed arguments on the relevance of the master's program to their future career and the development of their sector and country.

You might want to have sentences like: "The MSc in xxx programme at the University of xxxx will equip me with analytical, problem solving and research skills to design innovative impact-based strategies to the multifaceted challenges of xxxx interventions in Nigeria. My experience working with various xxx stakeholders have exposed me to the disconnection between Nigeria's xxx policy initiative and implementation. This situation is attributed to inadequate professionals and lack of expertise in impact assessment and evaluation, to leverage on timely, accurate and relevant data to inform evidence-based implementation. However, with applied knowledge from modules such as evaluation methods, community analysis and critical appraisal at Oxford, I hope to build the needed professional competence to improve data management system in Nigeria".

This might be wordy, just play around the words and develop a better research into the course and how it helps you and Nigeria. You might also want to scrap your experience bit in the second paragraph and then introduce them here.

All the best Daniel!
OP EluwahDaniel 1 / 1  
Nov 1, 2019   #3
@Nana Byl
Thanks so much for your time and critic.
I will look into it as you have pointed out. Thank you again

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