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Why did you choose your proposed course and institution? Master of Engineering (by Research)

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Apr 13, 2020   #1

Application for master at The Swinburne University of Technology

Master of Engineering (by Research) offers the opportunity to undertake supervised research of our choice and interest that develops a wide range of skills, including independent thinking, project management, data analysis, critical thinking, and refined communication skills. The course also offers the opportunity to learn how to develop a hypothesis and design experiments to test them and to analyze, write about and publish scientific data. With these aims in the mind, the key objectives of choosing the program are to personally and professionally develop knowledge of research methodology and techniques appropriate to my field of study, relevant to my organization and country, and experience in the application of such methodology by conducting a specified program of research under appropriate supervision. Besides, it will develop skills in analyzing literature and engaging in debate in the substantive area of the thesis topic at an advanced level.

The Swinburne University of Technology offers and fosters the programs that are trusted and leader in research excellence, who is determined to create a real-world impact that transforms the global and local communities for the better. It is a large and culturally diverse organization that is an internationally recognized research-intensive university that is focused on delivering research that creates economic and social impact. The researchers from the university produce innovative research solutions to real-world problems across a range of disciplines and sectors. With the qualification and outstanding world-changing research from Swinburne, the students can go anywhere in the world preparing the graduates to works for the biggest and the best. The standing in prestigious world academic ranking lists reflects the commitment to high-quality teaching and research and graduate outcomes with outstanding research achievements has set the priority of my choice and preference.
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Apr 13, 2020   #2
The proposed course is too theoretical in representation. You need real world or actual career applicability as part of the reason for your course choice. You have completely described the course outline and program qualifications, but you lack the professional reference to the applicability of the course. The choice of course has to be balanced between the career goal of the person applying and the academic benefits (with regards to career progression) of the course. Remember, theoretical references to the academic aspect will be useless without a career based application.

As for the university choice, remove the reference to the ranking of the university. The ranking does not matter. What matters are the perceived benefits that you will get from the university based on theoretical and practical training that you can receive. When you refer to the researchers from the university, mention some of their popular research that have been applied in the real world / within your career requirements. That would make a more convincing reason for your choice of university.
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Apr 13, 2020   #3
Thank you so much for your feedback and necessary corrections. Your guidance is so much relevant and I look forward the same in the future.

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