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Why I chose the 3 courses? Each make balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application

Haneen Ali 2 / 3  
Oct 29, 2016   #1
Chevening scholarship : why I chose the three courses ?

When I was at the second academic year, start treating with patients, I met ones their only hope was being able to eat, a female patient who I can't forget wasn't able to smile because of her missing teeth and that reflected badly on her life

so I asked myself how I will be a good dentist if I can't help those people and change their life ?
From this point I started to concern about conservative dentistry modules, finish them with very good grade, after that at my internship period I practiced a lot with cases which need conservative restorations, attend workshops to increase my experience, and knowledge.

In my country there are a lot of patients who lost their teeth due to spread of extraction concept, and they refuse conservative treatment some times as a result of their bad experience with it, which lead to extraction of more teeth

so my future goals are limiting the spread of extraction and change patients' view about conservative restorations by being qualified in it, able to give them suitable treatment without loosing of more teeth.

Therefore I choose those 3 courses,
1- Conservative Dentistry at University College London
2- Implantology at Cardiff University
3- Dental Science Of Clinical Practice at Queen Marry University Of London
There is a big connection between all of them, as they concern about conservative dentistry, rehabilitation of the patients to restore missing teeth for function and esthetic, so patient be able to eat, smile, and has a self confidence.

Each course of them make balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application, provide equipped clinics for practicing, and with the sophisticated method of teaching which each university adopted, I'm sure that this is the appropriate courses and universities which suit my future goals, help me to help people being able to live.
LanreShaper - / 4 6  
Oct 30, 2016   #2
Dear Haneen,

Your introduction was intriguing enough to captivate the interest of the reviewer but you have not done to the prompt.

Pick each course from each university as you have selected and explain why each suit your choice and connect your past,present and future.

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