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Clear post-study career plan; career goals related to UK priorities in your country - for Chevening

nazzia30 5 / 13  
Aug 23, 2016   #1
hey guys. I need to know if my essay comes off impressive and clear on my post scholarship plan. thnks! :)

4. Chevening is looking for individuals who have a clear post-study career plan. Outline your immediate plans upon returning home and your longer term career goals, considering how these relate to UK priorities in your country.

* UK priority areas can be found on your country page of the Chevening website

Pakistan holds a strategic geo-political position which makes it a vital state for maintaining peace not only in the South Asian region but also in other parts of the world. Ensuring good governance, economic and social development, improvement in the education and health sector and women empowerment are all necessary factors that are not only imperative for the country's own prosperity but also in line with the priorities of UK within Pakistan. To achieve these goals, it is necessary that the skill-set of the human resource of Pakistan, especially those who are directly responsible for influencing policy reform be upgraded. As a public servant who is directly responsible for the wellbeing of a large number of a populace in any given capacity, I see myself as a fitting candidate for this program who can employ the knowledge and practices learned in the UK to be replicated in Pakistan with the right indigenization and adaptations.

My immediate career plan is to return to my home province of Balochistan and provide my services as Deputy Commissioner. As is common knowledge that Balochistan is suffering from ethnic strife and insurgency movement which makes out of province officers unwilling to serve there. However, belonging to that culture and having strong family ties, I am more than ready to take up assignments that will lead to improvement in the lives of the people there both economically and socially. My goal is to work towards women's empowerment by ensuring that the primary and secondary educational institutions, especially those catering to girls in my district, are fully functional. As a Deputy Commissioner, I will make full use of my belief in women's education to propel me in the field. I will use strategies such as involving the local tribes, initiating programs that will reach out to remote communities and explain to them the importance of education and using local community leaders to dispel myths used by certain elements in traditional societies to discourage women from getting educated. In fact, I will keep education and sustainable development as my first two priorities.

Furthermore, it is my aim to initiate localized and self-sustainable projects such as the setting up of cottage sewing industries in local villages to help bring out the people of Balochistan from the perpetual cycle of poverty. These objectives can only be achieved by an officer who is competent in the field of development studies and one who can propose sound and effective policies to the higher ups for bringing about the required developments.

In the longer run, I see myself performing at senior levels in both field and secretariat assignments. My career trajectory aided by my competence will set me up for the position of Commissioner, Joint Secretary, Secretary, Head of Department as well as Chief Secretary of a province. The authority and discretionary powers that come with these positions make it incumbent on me to become an expert in this subject and make decisions that will improve lives for millions of our people.
daya23 4 / 4  
Aug 24, 2016   #2
thought you need to make this shorter, Nazzia. Too much description in all aspects, but you forgot highlighted your potential related this career plan.

Description about career field is too long and not exactly illustrates your personal interest

Anyway, great job and good luck for your chevening!
OP nazzia30 5 / 13  
Aug 24, 2016   #3
@daya it is within the limits of the word count. However, what parts of it do you think should be shortened?
Angela Nang 4 / 10  
Aug 24, 2016   #4
To be replicated- by replicating
The lives of the people there- the lives of local people
I will use strategies....getting educated - I will strategize to participate and initiate programs reaching out to remote communities and explain the importance of education to local tribes. By cooperation with local community leaders,I intend to dispel traditional myths which discourage women from getting educated.

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