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Communication is an opportunity to understand and know better about an issue or community. Chevening

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Oct 10, 2018   #1
Dear Friends,
Please kindly review my essay, I am waiting for your valuable comments and information. thanks in advance

Network essay for chevening scholorship

In my opinion, each communication is an opportunity to understand and know better about an issue or community. In particular, this was justified by my experience of one and half year working in DACAAR (Danish committee far aid to afghan refugee) organization. Because of field job, I often had to visit farms and sites multiple times in order to get information and needs of farmers. Thus, I know what challenge arises in communicating with people. However, every time I moved I kept improving my networking connections.

I had a great opportunity to show my networking skill during my work with DACAAR. I worked with DACAAR six years ago. It was my first job and I need to improve my networking skills so it was not easy to speak in public with tribal peoples in new environment. For this I have done a communication training course which was held in DACAAR. As a result of this course I established a good networking with people particularly with farmers in the field. Moreover, I also got a fund of food processing from donor agency for farmers which was the result of my good networking skills with farmers and with donor agency to influence them for giving funds.

Moreover, I am a member of Logar Province youth society. Through this society I deliver trainings to the logar province young farmers and build a professional network in the area to address the needs and problem of the people. I further improved my friendship and connections with young afghan graduated youth to share our ideas and beliefs with them and enhance professional life through this youth society. On monthly basis I have meetings with them and we share our ideas with each other to extend a helping hand and support to any other who is in distress. I have plan to use this youth society as a platform for young graduate, professional and students to socialize, network and work together without any caste, creed or religious preferences and provide opportunities to meet and work with national and international organisations in agriculture sector.

My personal goals and career strategy motivated the strong professional network relevance. As a Chevening awardee I would have a possibility to collaborate with the best Agriculture scientists in UK and work on high international level. I have plan to cooperate with foreign scholars to present our insights on different cultural prospective integration and learning UK culture with its century traditions and history. I want to be part of young enthusiastic leaders from diverse nations to bring solutions for world crisis.

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Oct 10, 2018   #2
I think you need to focus also on how you helped your connections to overcome some problems during your professional career.
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Oct 10, 2018   #3
From your introduction, you had already talked about DACAAR and what you do. You came up with the issue of DACAAR again during your body paragraph, that is a repetition of words or intention.

Your networking skills should be bases on your current job/occupation, it should be in relation to what UK is doing in your country.
Your third paragraph is too brief, I think it is the one which should be more elaborate/in detail since it have to do with your current job situation..

The essay generally lack authenticity in terms of how the Chevening community will benefit from this network...

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