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Conflic resolution, religion - Chevening Leadership essay.

Tobechukwu 3 / 8  
Sep 9, 2019   #1

chevening will improve my career prospects

Please your review on my essay will be most appreciated.
Leadership is a living activity, that involves going beyond oneself for the interest of others, thus a leader is one who finds fulfillment in his service to others. I absorbed this concept in roles played as Head tutor and President of my Community service group.

In final year I started a tutorial system that assisted students in my department with courses they were weak at. To be sincere, it started as a study group in my third year made up of close friends but as our grades improved I considered expanding it to include all students in my final year, especially since most found it difficult to cope with courses for the last year. My immediate challenge was getting co-tutors for the Nine courses offered.There were also issues with scheduling, since we had personal obligations. But the more I made them understand the needs of our course mates for extra tutoring the less issues we had. Finally i had been able assembler a team of 5 students and together we devoted our weekends and late hours on weekdays to tutoring. I myself taught European Classics . The departmental tutorials was beneficial to my course mates who now gained more self-confidence in the courses they dreaded. I gained a lot in a humane way; I saw how in helping others I was helping myself get better at assimilating, I learnt to cultivate , patience and understanding when communicating with those I tutored. A unique reward was seeing how my academic strength was helping students move forward in their academics. I had now gained communication skills that became vital during my service.

I served as the President of the Gender and Charity Community service group,with this position I took a stand against antireligious sentiments brewing in my community. Here I drew out an outreach programme in hopes that this would bring Muslims and Christians together and help combat the sentiments in my community, I specifically intended for the target location to be a mosque. Despite being president , I made sure fellow executives were inspired by the thought of such a programme aimed to douse religious tensions. With their support a campaign team was created and together we sourced for funds and appealed to personalities of the community for their presence. The programme was a success, bringing people from diverse religions together in a time when religion is fast becoming a divider.

My leadership roles taught me effective communication skills that have influenced people to do better and I intend to channel it towards the conflict crises situation in my country. The scholarship enhances my prospects of not just calling for peace but leading the charge in conflict resolutions through the leverage a higher degree offers and the wealth of connections and exposure the chevening Community possess.

phlorem 1 / 6 4  
Sep 10, 2019   #2
Tobechukwu, In as much as you have an idea, you write up didn't have the spice required to win this scholarship. In the second paragraph you need to focus your essay more on the group you formed, problems you identified, the challenges you faced and most importantly the result you obtained.

Read through other people essay on this platform and you will realize you need a better hook and opening statement than the one you wrote.

your third paragraph has huge potential to be massive, but came short, you need to spell out the challenges, the team and ways you formed to tackle those challenges, the effects those changes had and the result you get at the end. preaching Unity and ending inter-religious fights and sentiments will always make a good write up ..

work on this as i will be looking forward to the revised edition of your essay
OP Tobechukwu 3 / 8  
Sep 10, 2019   #3

Thank you. I appreciate your review
Excellencial111 1 / 4  
Sep 11, 2019   #4
For leadership essays as Phlorem said, STAR approach is the best, Situation, Task, Action and Results. A descriptive essay. by the time you finish, the leadership qualities are displayed in the write up.

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