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I consider myself in the right way to become a good leader and influencer. Chevening Leadership

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Nov 6, 2016   #1
Hey guys, could someone help me out?
Thank you very much.

Chevening is looking for individuals that ...

Leadership skills are essential to change the society. They are needed especially at the actual moment that we go through a global transition to a sustainable development. Among many possible definitions, leadership can be described as the act of inspiring, influencing and motivating the people. During my academic life, I came across many opportunities to enhance my leadership skills. I've always participated in extracurricular projects and NGO's.

One of my first leaderships role happened when I was the leader of the organisation team of the Production Engineering Week held annually in my university. The team consisted of 21 people. As I was the only one being paid, I faced some difficulties in asking the team members to do some tasks because I was afraid to overtask them as they were just volunteers. Thus, it made me exhausted once I had accumulated many tasks. One of my mentors told me that it's very important to give the team members responsibility, allowing them to experience leaderships themselves and helping them to remain motivated. So, I could realize the importance of delegating tasks and giving feedbacks. As a result, I adopted a task management system for the team and scheduled weekly meetings to control the project progress. In the end, the team members were united and motivated leading to a great result. I received positive feedbacks from the professors and the students about my clear communication, organised schedule and my openness to collect suggestions from the team.

As the vice-president of the NGO XXXXXX, I had the opportunity to implement some changes. I created a feedback system because I wanted to hear from all the 48 members what they could improve in the NGO. My aim was to establish a culture of continuous improvement among all the areas. To do so, I took some steps: I put links to feedback forms in the emails, I started to personally interview the members who were leaving the organisation to understand what had happened and collect suggestions, I reinforced the importance of feedbacks at the general meetings and I scheduled biweekly meetings with the board of directors to discuss all the suggestions, new ideas and problem solving. Nowadays, the members are more involved and opened to give feedbacks and help each other to improve. I influenced most of the members to start the habit of sharing suggestions and helping each other to achieve the NGO goals. As a leader, I promoted a good environment for people to feel comfortable to share their opinions.

I consider myself in the right way to become a good leader and influencer. I'm always trying to get to know myself better and to develop my leadership skills because I understand that they are very important to me and to my career. I aim to inspire the society and industries to think more about the environment and to adopt sustainable practices.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,721 3789  
Nov 7, 2016   #2
Livia, I like the approach that you took with this essay. By showing the reviewer that you learned from your failures as a leader, you were able to improve yourself once you came into a higher leadership position. The problem I can see, is that the paragraph about your work with the NGO's is not as strong as your failed leadership discussion. Try to further develop your influencing skills in that paragraph. Show the marked difference between your past leadership experience and your success this time around. Start by explaining why you felt that you need to implement changes at the office. What was the situation when you came in? Why was your leadership needed to fix the problem? What specific solutions did you implement aside from opening discussions with the employees? You need to prove that the situation was dire and that your leadership had the most positive effect on the problem you were trying to resolve. The essay needs specific examples. What you have provided is just an overview. So you need to build up the presentation to better meet the prompt requirements.

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