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The cosmetic and pharmaceutical market - KGSP Study Plan

Jazzmin 2 / 4  
Feb 8, 2019   #1
Hii this is my study plan o goal of study and also my future plan, I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot.


As a candidate for a master's degree, I plan to conduct research that is capable of providing new and efficient ways to meet the needs of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market. Through the correct investigation and based on the knowledge acquired in classes it is possible to achieve models that cover the needs in each sector of these areas; first, a broad investigation in the market to know the needs that must be faced and second, the creation of new materials that can be applied in the creation of the new products. In my previous experience as a project leader in a pharmaceutical company, I can say that if this set of activities is created in a project, this will undoubtedly be successful. I could be part of the labor field and I want to take this into the field of research.

During the first and second period of my master's degree I intend to gather all the knowledge about formulations and unit it with mine to be able to begin to gather the statistical data that will serve as the basis for the creation of a new product.

During the following periods I will begin with the experimental phases with the collaboration of industries and technology to finally present an innovative product in my thesis.

My goal is to make this project provide real data and be a source of information and a starting point for the future creation of new products as well as research. 1 at a time.
pjongko91 2 / 4  
Feb 8, 2019   #2
Hi, you might want to consider using accurate or careful instead of correct for correct investigation. Also, instead of saying, "My goal is to make this project provide..." You can say, "My objective for this project is to provide accurate data and create a starting point for the future development and research of new products." Hope this helps. Good luck with your application.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,734 3791  
Feb 8, 2019   #3
Jazmin, this is not an effective goal of study and study plan. The purpose of this essay is to help the reviewer understand what sort of contribution you can make to your professional field. Every professional, specially in the cosmetics field, has an idea as to what sort of career goals you hope to achieve through advanced studies. The goal of study and study plan should explain what sort of improvement you hope to bring to the field. This is done by presenting a thesis statement to the reviewer. I am sure that as an undergraduate, you had to write a thesis as a part of your graduation requirements. All you have to do is more of the same for this essay.

You cannot present a general statement without a clear direction for your research scope. That means, you need to present an actual study plan in relation to a research purpose that you can apply to your profession upon graduation. Hence the need for a specific thesis statement, methodology, potential application of the research, and tentative results you hope to achieve.

Just like everything else about your application, you need to present a research plan to prove that you are serious about your application. That is done by specifically outlining how you will spend your time developing your master thesis. The topic you present in the application will be considered tentative, in case you develop a different interest during your course of study.

What needs are you talking about? Why is this important? How will you conduct usable research? The statement you wrote sounds like you are hoping to just glide by with this essay, rather than showing your conviction to help improve your profession through the use of academic research while developing a professional application for it. Change the total essay. You cannot use this version. it is weak, confusing, and lacking in proper reference points to be considered a serious goal of study and study plan. Your study plan needs to relate to your goal of study, which is related to your thesis statement, which is related, in the end, to your desire to help further improve the way business or research and development of products are done in your profession. That is how you connect these dots.

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