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In a couple paragraphs, provide a summary of activities you have completed from the last three years

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Jan 5, 2023   #1

summary of activities you have completed

I believe extracurriculars define a person's identity. I consider myself a well-rounded student because I was the head of IT along with being president of my school's computer club, and I had the opportunity to engage in a variety of programming projects and competitions. These experiences have given me the ability to think critically, solve problems effectively, and create a strong interest in STEM. I have also volunteered as a tutor at several NGOs, where I have helped students with their computer skills and introduced them to programming. This experience has allowed me to share my love for computer science with others and has given me a greater appreciation for the importance of education. My 17th birthday signalled the beginning of my entrepreneurial endeavour, which intends to offer digital services and support small enterprises. I have also worked as a fashion design intern and a research assistant at Madame to work on hands-on, real-world projects. I am confident that my involvement in the computer science club and my volunteering have prepared me well for the challenges and opportunities that a computer science degree will bring. I am excited to continue exploring my passion for computer science and making a difference in the world. This journey made me proud of my ability to improve my leadership, accountability, and creative skills. I've enhanced my communication and organisational skills and discovered how simple and small actions can lead to significant outcomes. I intend to use these acquired skills to launch initiatives at UofA.
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Jan 5, 2023   #2
The presentation format is not correct. When told to write a few paragraphs, provide 2-3 paragraphs that will cover one year each. Establish the year within each anchor sentence then relate the activities per year that could be relevant to your chosen major and one community activity to cover the most likely information that the screener requires to assess your relevant traits.

Not all of the activities are related to the discussion expectations. Maybe these are relevant activities but the lack of full discussion development made the activities seem incomplete. Do not try to cram information in. Think about one are two impressive activities and talk about it. Go beyond a one or two sentence narration. Build on it from the start. Talk about the difficulties. Tell us how it ended. Aim for clarity.

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