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Cultural awareness, helping other people - GLOBAL UGRAD

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Jan 3, 2022   #1
Essay 1: The Global UGRAD Program is for young leaders committed to serving their home communities.

Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program?

Two decades. The number seems quite long of a time, and yet everything seemed like it passed by so quickly. However, in these hundreds of memories, there are a few pages that stick out, ones that brought realizations and meanings in my life.

For one, different languages, cultures, and people create a barrier of miscommunication, misinterpretation, and fear. I had experienced this, as I settled in Indonesia and attended school with my sub-par English at the time. However, I realized that the act of sincere kindness knows no boundaries in a multicultural world. For instance, I was nine when I made my first non-Filipino friend. I greeted him whenever I walked through the doors of the hotel. On the day of our departure, as he was packing our bags on the back of the car, he suddenly told me his name - it was pronounced as "High-way". Now, whenever I think about high-ways, the memory of the interaction pops up once in a while.

My second realization is that in the act of giving, we receive. I clearly remember the moment wherein I received the happiest smiles in my life. We had just bought a buy-one-take-one donut and decided to stop by for some gas. A young child approached, asking for some food, and we decided to give her one of the boxes. She said, "Terima Kasih" which was such joy, and skipped to her family. It warmed my heart that a simple gesture could give so much to both of us.

Lastly, change is a constant thing, and thus our perceptions of what is surrounding us affect our actions. When I returned to the Philippines from my stay in Indonesia, I was given a little moment of adjustment. I only had about a two-week break from my last day of 7th grade to the start of my 8th. At the time, I had personally gotten out of touch with my language and culture. The sudden change bummed me out for a few days, but I knew that nothing ever comes good on stressing what I can't change. Isn't it better to just enjoy every moment of the day?

Although I have a lot more realizations, I decided to share these three as I believe that it explains the type of person I am, and why I'm viable to be a candidate for this program.

As mentioned, I was young when I was exposed to a whole new different "world". My innocent mind held no prejudice, but instead a tad of curiosity and a big fascination. I believe that I carried this aspect in my personality. I am always one to look into things with the goal of understanding. Thus, I pride myself on being respectful and being open to new ideologies. My experiences as well gave me confidence in interacting with people in general. There is still the initial shyness, but my drive to form connections and learn more about people takes that away.

I reiterate the value and meaning of giving. I, for one, have joined countless volunteer work. I have visited home for the elderly and created a memorable day. I have interacted with local villages during my stay in Indonesia and played with the kids, made bookshelves, and cleaned the environment. During the pandemic, my groupmates held a webinar to discuss Gender and Equality in the workspace. I am also an avid support of animal organizations and would love to volunteer in one when the pandemic eases. In giving, we receive the meaning of what it is to be humane.

I believe that I am a great candidate because of my spirit to just live life - take opportunities, risks and just enjoy every moment of it. Whether it be joining a basketball program even though I'm the only girl, or joining a city math competition. My ability to adapt to new situations, with my positive mindset has helped me ride through the waves of life.

Nevertheless, I yearn for more. For more stories, more meaning, and more knowledge. I think that the Global UGRAD program is a great opportunity to provide me with these things. If ever granted the chance, my goal would be to really dive into the culture. I want to understand how people in the United States live their life. I want to learn how each one interacts despite of the diversity, how barriers are overcome, and how tolerance transforms into acceptance. I especially want to learn on their system of development; wishing to find the answer to exactly, what is the secret in how they are able to somehow unite their diverse people and create a change in their society, even if it is a little.

If then I ever find the answer, I wish to use it to transform my society. Being a behavioral science in organizational and social systems development, I want nothing more than to be able to open my society's views on the trivial issues and alleviate those views so that they will create positive change. Views on divorce, on same-sex marriage and equality, on the gender spectrum, on political parties and good governance, and overall, on the different systems that hold our society together. More than anything I want the people to realize their roles in society, in that each individual has the power and is capable to create impact for the betterment of everyone. I am also a business management student, and so I wish to apply the knowledge that I have gained through my experience in managing people and advocating for sustainable and socially responsible businesses.

In summary, I believe I am a great candidate because of 1.) my experiences in which have developed my cultural awareness and interaction with different people 2.) my willingness to help others in every way I can, and 3.) my hunger to learn and experience more of what life has to give.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Jan 4, 2022   #2
While you have penned a heartfelt personal statement of the extreme kind in response to the prompt, it does not really apply to the given discussion requirements. The presentation of which, should not be longer than 5 or 6 paragraphs at the most. This is a personal reflection paper. One that fails to expand into the realm of a young leader emerging to help his community. Where is the reference to the (adopted) community that you belonged to? How did your difference in the community actually translate into a positive that shows some sort of leadership traits? Cooperation, camaraderie, civic mindedness, these are traits of a community leader that I fail to see in this writing. Any reference to these characteristics are glossed over in this writing as mere mentions, rather than reasons that would make you an excellent participant in the program. A program that is focused on looking for, and training, emerging international world leaders.

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