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Current Duties and Responsibilities as District Program Coordinator

TaraAryal23 4 / 12  
Mar 26, 2020   #1
I have written in this way.

Current Duties and Responsibilities

1. Design and implement active tuberculosis case finding interventions in close coordination, cooperation, and motivation with stakeholders at all levels
2. Perform regular supervisory visits to TB treatment centres, laboratories and field meetings with volunteers and mobilizers
3. Deliver monthly reports describing the progress of the project
4. Coordinate health economic research activities
5. Adopt patient-centric care through home visits followed by socioeconomic and psychosocial support
my123456 1 / 3  
Mar 27, 2020   #2
patient-centric ->Possible spelling mistake found
psychosocial-> psycho social
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,941 3570  
Mar 27, 2020   #3
Technically, this is just a bullet point listing of your duties and responsibilities for the HR reviewer to consider with your job application. It does not require too much writing as it is only meant to serve as an overview of your work related skills and attributes as a team player. I would not ask you to change anything in this presentation because of the nature of the job that you do. However, if the job application requires a deeper presentation of your job duties and responsibilities, then you need to provide information about the specifics they require. That way I can give you more detailed advice about how to achieve it.
OP TaraAryal23 4 / 12  
Mar 27, 2020   #4
Thank you so much. But actually the title of the discussion went another way. Actually, I wrote it for the Australian Award Scholarship, where there is a heading known as Current Duties/Responsibilities. Can I write in this way or do you have some feedback?
OP TaraAryal23 4 / 12  
Mar 31, 2020   #5

Current Responsibilites (250 words) for Australian Awards Scholarship CV

I work as a district program coordinator in Chitwan district (population ~ 700,000; the second largest TB burden district in Nepal) for IMPACT TB project (impacttbproject.org) which implements a community-based model of active tuberculosis (TB) case finding in Nepal and collaborates with a consortium of leading international researchers to increase the transdisciplinary evidence-base around it .

My main remit involves designing and implementing intervention activities to identify people with TB, support them to initiate medication and ensure treatment adherence. This involves cordial networking, communication and motivation of stakeholders and staff at all tiers of the district health system.

I supervise well-structured project staff, four community mobilizers and 30 incentivised health volunteers who work with vulnerable communities districtwide. I periodically undertake integrated supervisory visits to health facilities ensure strong recording and reporting system; facilitate on-site orientation of health workers and identify their training needs. We regularly set field meetings to further door-to-door screening, track the progress of TB case notification, identify loopholes and set alternatives, when necessary, to improve TB diagnosis; and deliver monthly reports describing the progress of the project. I also ensure compliance with financial regulations and timely reporting by the field team. I coordinate the project's TB costing survey and a mixed-method study on barriers and facilitators to TB diagnosis and treatment. I also take regular home visits of TB patients to ensure they are taking medicines every day, not having any adverse effects, maintaining their general health and also counsel them to regular treatment and positive health.
Evi_Nurliza 1 / 2  
Mar 31, 2020   #6
hi, i found some mistakes in grammar.
1. to health facilities ensure strong ... = it's better to the health facilities and ensure the people having strong recording and reporting system as well.
2. be careful with semicolon usage, it'll make some ambiguities in the sentence.
3. put some linking words will be better i guess

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