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'Dermatology career' - Post study career plan. Chevening scholarship essay

Aysha13 4 / 6  
Sep 20, 2016   #1
Finished writing my post study career plan essay for Chevening, looking for corrections and suggestions.

Chevening is looking for individual who have a clear post-study career plan. Please outline your immediate plans upon returning home and your long term career goals. You may wish to consider how these relate to what the uk government is doing in your country.

Upon completing my Master's degree in dermatology, my first option would be to work as a dermatologist in a well reputed hospital back home and use my new abilities to good practice.Treating a variety of skin diseases on a daily basis is sure to boost my confidence and gain me the work experience to pursue my long term goal of establishing an exceptional international standard dermatology centre in India.

As we know universally recognised credentials are more important than ever in today's global healthcare market. Hence, after working for few years I would like to apply for the MRCP UK examination in dermatology as this will give me the international recognition needed to be a consultant dermatologist.

My second option upon returning home would be to apply for a PhD degree in dermatology most favourably from the UK (if I would be able to support it financially), and upon completion would like to work as a dermatology professor in India and teach medical students. Teaching my desired field for several years would help to broaden my knowledge and use my passion and interest to aspire and mentor medical graduates to become future dermatologist. Teaching would also give me the opportunity to implement broad based awareness campaigns, seminars and lectures about the impact of skin diseases and there available treatment's specifically in the rural and peri-urban population in India. Apart from that it will help me interact with doctors, professors and students of similar interest, which would be very beneficial for my long term goal.

Weather I choose option one or two my ultimate goal (10 years from now) would remain to establish a Skin Care Centre in India. One that caters all skin care facilities under one roof, which uses all the updated technologies and affordable treatments needed for patient care and provides them with a clean hygienic environment. A centre that has all - medical as well as cosmetic and surgical dermatology procedures available to the diverse population of my country.

Apart from that I would like to start a training fellowship program sponsored by my organisation for medical graduates interested in this field, to be able to impart my knowledge and skills which I would have gained from my work experiences and my renowned education from the UK.

As our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said 'India and the UK make an unbeatable combination'. This hold true specially in the healthcare department where the UK have been a major partner in helping India develop in four specific areas - the improvement of healthcare services, education and training, digital health, and hospital infrastructure.

Several healthcare events have taken place in India recently under the auspices of the Indo - British Health Initiative. The most recent one was held in June 2016, where the Chairman of NHS England, its Managing Director and 23 British organisations were on a visit to India under the theme of 'smart healthcare'. As India's plan for 100 smart cities has a goal to provide accessible, affordable, and effective healthcare system for more than 1.2 billion citizens.

Many such missions and projects will take place in the near future between the two countries for mutual benefits.The UK with its experience of universal healthcare provided by the NHS has a lot to offer to India in this endeavour. Similarly as India is one of the fastest growing economics in the world, with over one billion people, and since its investment in its healthcare system is increasing it's becoming a vast market for UK healthcare services and technologies.

Chevening scholarship will be the brilliant launch pad for my dermatology career; I would be honoured to be part of a scholarship that will strengthen the ties between the two countries. To take the world class education, skills and wonderful experiences of a multi-cultural community back home and use it to benefit and serve my country.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,552 3449  
Oct 26, 2016   #2
Aysha, I have some suggestions for further improving your career plan and it involves slightly reformatting the paper and then better developing your short and long term career plans. I hope you will be receptive to my ideas.

For the introduction, I suggest that you bring up the discussion about the plans of your president for the country. It seems that your plans have some sort of direct relation with his vision for healthcare in your country. So it would be best to use it as an introduction to your career plans. You just have to make sure that you have a transition sentence at the end that will help to introduce your career plans.

You weaken your discussion by discussing options instead of solid plans. Talk about the ideas you are presenting as a fact, a reality that you know you can achieve in a set period of time. Refer to your first 5 years after your discussion regarding the plans of your president. Create a direct connection between your five year plans and his ambition every chance you get. Do not discuss the five year plan collectively. Discuss it on a per year basis if possible. Be clear as to how you plan to achieve these goals. Finally, give a summary of your long term, 10 year plan as the culmination of everything you will have learned and your ultimate career goal.

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