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She is a determined, hardworking person. Writing Chevening recommendation letter to British Embassy

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Jan 21, 2019   #1


reference should cover the following:

1) How long have you known the applicant?
2) In what capacity do you know the applicant? (e.g. professional, educational, supervisory, voluntary, religious)
3) When you last had regular contact with the applicant
4) A brief overall endorsement of the applicant, including their:
·Skills in leadership and networking
·Personal, intellectual, and interpersonal qualities
·Ability to complete a demanding academic programme in the UK

Dear British Embassy/ High Commission,

I am writing this letter to express my support for Vania for the Chevening Scholarship Opportunity. She worked under my supervision as Associate in XXX Ltd since August 2015 until February 2017. I have been appointed as Senior Associate at that time and collaborated with her doing business consultations and business advisory services. It is no hesitation that she was a great asset for the company.

She has an exceptional intellectual potency demonstrated an ability to quickly sift through mountains of data and determine which was relevant to the project and was able to focus on the stated objectives of the project and prioritize every task necessary to accomplish the desired end result. She possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Furthermore, She is a fast learner and very determined to her work wherein she always managed to finish her work in time.

She also shows a leadership skills and an uncanny ability to foresee a potential problem. There were times where I delegate her as person in charge in some group projects and she shown great analytical skills and managed to complete specific project successfully. She always prepared reports and discuss the details of a project with the team by keeping all members of the project as well as management informed of the progress through every phase. When there was an issue in the project, she stepped in to get everyone involved together to seek the appropriate solution.

She has great interpersonal skills and has a respectful manner that allows her to get along with workers and other stakeholders. She is professional and she often kept our clients satisfied with her work. She maintained good relationship with our clients professionally as well as continuously represented good image of our company by giving her best services.

At personal level, Vania is a lively person who has shown great interest and is passionate on her endeavor in studying more about business and entrepreneurship. In addition to having firsthand knowledge of Vania's work ethic and abilities, I am also familiar with her education and career goals, and know just how much receiving this scholarship means to her. Receiving this scholarship will provide important financial support that will allow her to obtain the additional education necessary to earn her Master I cannot think of anyone more deserving and I wholeheartedly support her application.

Overall, I see her as a hardworking person and have determination to accomplish more. I observe her as an exceptional candidate for this scholarship prospecting her work ethic, great character, and determination. I strongly believe that she will finish her Master Program successfully. I would therefore highly recommend Vania as she is an exceptional candidate whom I believe would gain great benefit and that she will be a good asset in the program. If there is any query with regards to her qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me at aaa@mail or my number 23123213123131.

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Jan 21, 2019   #2
A few points:
1. It is no hesitation that she was a great asset for the company. Without hesitation, she is an important asset to the company.
2. ... intellectual potency demonstrated an ability to quickly sift ... to the project, and was able to focus on ...
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,149 2303  
Jan 22, 2019   #3
You need supporting examples for the communication, interpersonal and professional skills. A recommendation letter must support the belief of the writer when it comes to the facts of the person being referred in the letter. The leadership reference requires supporting data for your people management skills as well. Most of your reference points are only implied but not described. It is one thing to imply it at the start of the paragraph, but a supporting description should always be present to serve as evidence for the consideration of the reviewer. Based on the information provided, the reviewer will use the information during the interview of your referee. He will be probed and the information provided, investigated for validity. That is why it is important that the letter be as specific as possible when it comes to referencing your skills. It will also be good to make reference to your time management skills as this is one of the factors that can determine the ability of the masters student to meet tight deadlines and deliver projects on time. Overall, this draft is good but has plenty of room for improvement and additional information.

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