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Development Impact Plan - Theme: Science and Technology - Commonwealth

zaineb0131 1 / -  
Mar 29, 2021   #1

How your proposed study relates to:

a) development issues at the global, national and local level?
b) development issues connected to your chosen CSC theme and the wider sector?

200 words

With the advent of science, technology, and extending cyberspace, the world faces a relatively new threat to the security of every individual who uses the internet. Science and technology despite their benefits come with a few unique problems. Stealing intellectual property, using illegal methods to download e-books, movies, songs, and other media, infringing copyrights, using pirated software are all different forms of cyber risks that prevent the rightful owners from earning the revenues that were originally theirs. Ransomware, phishing, data leakage, cyber-bullying, hacking, and threats are a few examples that prevent an economy from developing and harm society by enabling crimes that affect individuals psychologically. Cyber-risks can even threaten the defense and national security of a country or spark a war between different countries.

My proposed study of cyber-security aims to provide a solution to these problems by creating processes and measures to tackle every one of these issues. The only viable solution to cyber-crime is cyber-security. Different ethical implications of privacy can be embodied by different technological designs, creating a need for experts who are aware of these implications. Due to the lack of such resources, nations worldwide will have to deal with complex social problems.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,946 3854  
Mar 30, 2021   #2
Your response is widespread but common. It does not present a proper representation of each development issue as it is emerging on a global scale. The words you have written are empty, devoid of substance and relevance. You are enumerating the well known cyber problems and crimes, but not the emerging problems that have spun off from your previously mentioned problems, which are becoming more rampant and need a new form of cybersecurity consideration / software / platform / program to deal with it. Do more research on the emerging methods of ransomware and phising. Those are the current out of control cybersecurity threats that have varying levels of implications and complications (global, national, local levels).

There are no real development issues being represented in the second paragraph either. You need to be more specific about the problems or lack of skill set among software programmers and cybersecurity experts at the moment that are connected with your desire to improve yourself. For example, a development issue could be that the current experts are not capable of tracing the possible variations of the ransomware being used. Think along the lines of an emerging virus and how the epidemiologists try to get a step or two ahead of it. That should be the representation of the development issues.

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