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Digitally talented person. Chevening Scholarships: Leadership & Influence

inekeyuliam 1 / -  
Sep 21, 2022   #1

Chevening Scholarships: Leadership & Influence

Hello, I'm applying to the Chevening scholarship and would like some feedbacks on my essay
1. Chevening is looking for individuals who will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer.

(minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

Coordinating Minister for Economy on 24th Feb 2022 said, by the end of 2030 Indonesia needs 9 million young people to be part of digital transformation in Indonesia, which means every year Indonesia needs 600 thousands young people who can adapt with technology in order to help the economy recovery. I am glad now I can be part of it, and I hope I can contribute in many years ahead.

Technology is my happiness where I can play, learn, and feel satisfied. Back then in 2020, I had to get an internship for my study, so I had to think what company I should apply, but I had remembered I was studied in a second-class and conventional junior high school. So I motivated to apply my intern in that school because I believe there was something that I could do to the school. I came to the school, and it is still used conventional ways to service their student and did not have any computerized system. I randomly asked the teacher, how their students borrow a book from the library. She said they could borrow the books without giving a student's ID card or library card. But there was a problem when the semester ends, because the sum of the books in the library always decreased. So, I initiate to offer a help to the teacher that I can build a library information system that could help them to check their books and keep a record for every book lending transaction. Luckily, they accepted my offer, and discussed the system that I would be built. After around a month, the library information system was ready to implement. I also trained the teacher for around a month until she clearly understood, after the training they launched the library information system and the total books were not decreased because every student that borrowed a book they should return it before the semester ends, the school still using it to record and get transaction report.

The experience that I gained from internship brought me in a software house, I worked in software house before I graduated as a software engineering. One day, I assigned to a project, and it's complicated. Moreover, the client needs it fast, but at that time I was so blank out and did not know anything I have spent 2 days try to figure it out, but the result is nothing. I have to do something, unless my boss will kick me out of my job. So, I decided to ask my senior what is the project about and what should I do. He explained to me, and at that time I'm glad I know what is the project about, and I can come through it.

I understand that now my knowledge is not as wide as a sea, but I want to know more, there is something big out there that I could learn. I want to be a young individual digital talented that useful for my country
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,223 4319  
Sep 22, 2022   #2
This is neither the kind of leadership nor influencing essay that will make it past the screening round. It is extremely non-applicable to the scholarship requirements due to the irrelevant nature of the presentation and the lack of defining skills as needed by the program. The applicant has failed to qualify himself as a community leader, a business influencer, or even a social influencer with this presentation. He has focused on skills that do not provide an insight as to how he will be able to help his country or countrymen in the future. This type of narration is only useful in local job application written interviews. Even then the depiction of the candidate will not be considered remarkable by the hiring staff. The writer should familiarize himself with previous L&I essays for the scholarship before he writes a new essay that hopefully, will provide a more relevant explanation for the reviewer to consider. He will not want for examples of this, there are hundreds of them available for review at this forum, for free.

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