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I discovered my leadership skills at school. (CHEVENING scholarship)

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Oct 21, 2018   #1

Leadership and influence essay

I discovered my leadership skills at school. In that institution, I was elected by the academic community as the Student Representative on the directive school council. Throughout my experience there, I supported diverse cultural and ecological projects such as the creation of the drama club, which won the first place in the municipal contest of theatre, and the coordination of the environmental club with which we conduct some brigades of recycling and cleaning at school. All these little but meaningful experiences reinforced some of my abilities, for instance: responsibility and cooperation. Nevertheless, the most significant learning was the effective and assertive communication, I learnt that a leader is not the one who commands but someone that listens and attempts to articulate ideas, opinions and feelings.

Subsequently, I attended the University ***** and I commenced my life project. I acquired a big interest in linguistics. Due to the Faculty of Education did not have a society about that realm, some classmates and I gathered to study and to wide our knowledges about language. My role in the group was to prepare beforehand the grammar contents to analyse in the meetings. Later, I participated in a hotbed of Research in teaching of Spanish language and literature called *****. With the support of the director of the group, I gave a lecture on the importance of reading in the development of critical thinking. The prime objective was to approach university and teachers from peripheral areas, that is why the conference was given in Tumaco, NariƱo, which is a conflict zone.

Another experience which had a great influence in my life project was the opportunity to teach Italian language as part of a volunteering program with The Community Action Council of a neighbourhood in ***** city. Here, I realised that it is necessary to join forces and take languages and cultures to different communities where there are fewer cultural chances for people. Furthermore, this activity motivated me to begin my degree in Italian Language.

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Oct 21, 2018   #2
Franklin, this is not the sort of leadership and influencing essay that be considered competitive in nature simply because it does not reflect the requirements of the essay. Your college experience did not really make any impact on the student community so that your leadership and influencing styles were notable. Being a supportive student representative is different from being a student leader who embarked on projects that made a difference in the student community and helped other people learn about their strengths.

Creating a Linguistics club does not mean anything when your duties and responsibilities in the club are so subordinate, you sound like an errand boy instead of a notable leader. There is no leadership since you required the help of the group director to complete your project. There is no influencing because your main objective was simply to give a lecture on the importance or reading. Where does the influencing aspect come in at this point? There is no leadership, there is no influencing reference either.

Sadly, this essay only reflects your experiences with Linguistics and some student governance. It does not really showcase your ability to lead, inspire, and make positive changes in your community that could lead to your becoming a notable influencer in the field of Linguistics upon your return from your studies. I am not sure about how to help you fix this problem aside from suggesting that you write a new essay that better suits the prompt requirements. Make sure your essay indicates the following:

1. Your leadership position
2. Situation that required your leadership
3. How the issue was resolved through your influence
4. What kind of influence did you use?
5. The outcome of the project after you led and influenced its outcome.

Covering those 5 topics in your presentation should help you deliver the required information in a more attuned manner to the prompt.

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