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'from Dominican Republic / Positive way' - SCHOLARSHIP SHORT

jenny_vargas 1 / -  
Oct 23, 2012   #1
Please describe the impact your adversities have had on your life. (max 150 words)

At the age of five, my mother made the most difficult decision a mother can possibly make. She decided to make me move with my father to the United State from Dominican Republic to get a better living, education and become more successful. That was a dramatic change, I was inseparable from my mother, this was devastating for me . I had to learn English and get adapt to the people and culture. My father's schedule was extremely challenging due to this job , and didn't have the time to take care of me . I had to move with a care- taker, which my father paid for. She would physically and mentally abused me on regular basis. I couldn't attend school due to the bruises and marks the care-taker would leave on my body. Later my father notice that the lady was physically and mentally abusing me, and got put in prison. He got married , a few years later he got deported. I stayed with his wife and her family who I still live with . I been grateful and blessed to live with such a wonderful family, who treat me as their own daughter.

Please tell us how you have overcome those adversities, as well as about the person or organization who has had the most positive impact in helping you to overcome those events. (max 150 words)

I overcome those adversities by always handling things in a positive way. Keeping in mind that there are always those who go through worst. Those adversities made me grow into a better individual, and made me have a different conception and view about life. The person who made a positive impact in helping me is Zoraida Gracia my care-taker she has helped though every obstacles I have faced by advising me to the my absolute best and always make the right decision.

linmark 2 / 328 7  
Nov 5, 2012   #2
Hello Jenny,
Please help me understand how the caretaker who mentally and physically abused you is mentioned int he first essay is the same or another caretaker you write as having the most positive impact on you in the second essay. IF they are different, you might want to make that clear. Perhaps, you mean the new caretaker who is part of your stepmother's family??

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