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Double Degree in France (Motivation Letter)

ker 1 / -  
Feb 14, 2020   #1

TIME Double Degree Program application

My name is Kervin , I am twenty years old and currently a third semester mechanical engineer student at the ... in Germany. I am delighted to seize this unique opportunity to apply for the TIME Double Degree Program with the Écoles Centrales in France.

As a native French speaker , who was born and raised in ..., a former French colony, I have gained a lot of exposure to the French culture and history since I was a child. The French Revolution, the Riots of 1968, amongst other pivotal moments in the French past, have piqued my interest since a young age.as well as the more modern culture like gastronomy, art and 'haute couture'. These childhood experiences have given me since a young age a big insight about the French culture and history. Now, I want to learn more about it and where better than in France?

Over the years, travelling has given me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of other cultures and connect with people from around the world. Moreover, it has helped me to learn a lot about myself and therefore proven to be an integral part of my education. Yet, one of the most challenging experiences I have faced so far was travelling to Germany for my further studies while leaving everything, from my home, to my family and friends behind for this completely new experience. Cultural shock, homesickness, and language barrier were a few among the many hurdles I had to overcome as I tried to integrate myself in the German community. Although it was not easy for me, my motivation kept me going all the way, an achievement that I am today very proud of. After spending almost two years in Germany, during which I have learned and grown a lot, I am now ready for a new experience, a new challenge. The TIME Double Degree program is therefore the perfect chance for me.

This opportunity will not only reinforce my solid education and broaden the opportunities for my future career but also help me gain experience . I am also particularly interested in travelling to France because of its rich culture and diversity, and reputation of welcoming international visitors. Having already experienced the British and German educational system, I am very looking forward to getting insight to the French approach to education. This will not only help me adapt to different teaching methods but also learn how to work in different ways.

My upbringing has shaped me into a hardworking and open minded person, who loves to face new challenges. Since the beginning of my university studies, I've been an active member of the ... student fraternity, where, by carrying tasks like handling finances, managing a budget, undertaking leadership positions and organizing events, I learned to develop other important competences. This summer, I will start to work at one of the university Institute and by the end of the year, I am planning a trip to South America where I look forward to develop my Spanish skills and discover this magnificent part of the world.

I am quite confident that all these experiences make me the perfect candidate for this program. I thank you for considering my application and look forward to your positive response.

Ulaai 3 / 39 23  
Feb 15, 2020   #2
You are writing a motivation letter, which means you have to explain why you want to pursue this particular program. It has to be something in their academic curriculum that attracted you to study in their program. The reason "because I want to study in France", which is very apparent throughout the whole writing, is not a very strong and convincing motivation. The fact that you're well acquainted with French culture should only be a supplementary note, not the whole reason you're applying. Maybe you can talk more about your major and why you really need to take this double degree program in Ecole Centrale instead of other institutions. Your motivation should either related to your academic interest or professional goal, i.e. career you wish to pursue in the future.
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,888 2167  
Feb 15, 2020   #3
Actually, I need to know what the double degree you plan to pursue in France is before I can develop a relevant suggestion for your essay improvement. I am almost 100 percent sure that there are portions of this essay that you can use to better highlight your abilities, experience, and education in relation to the double major courses. Your motivation letter sounds more like you asking a travel agent to create an itinerary for your trip to France. Rather you expressing an academic interest in spending time in the country. The paper should focus more on your academic motivation to study in France in relation to your academic goals and objectives. The exposure immersion part of this essay isn't bad to present. It may even be useful in the presentation. It is the lack of educational discussion that prevents your French origins from being useful in this presentation.

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