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I dream to become an indigenous oil/gas expert in Nigeria Personal statement for ptdf scholarship

palongs 1 / -  
May 5, 2018   #1
Just came across this great forum today. Although the website closed editing on April 29th, I still need contributions so as to make up for any mistakes when I get to the interview stage of the ptdf scholarship. Thank you.

Guide questions:

1. Why you wish to acquire this scholarship.

2. Why you wish to obtain the qualification listed as your choice (for M.Sc. candidates) and that of your chosen research area (for PhD candidates), and;

3. How you think you will benefit in terms of your career and personal development from obtaining this scholarship and the resulting qualification once you have returned to you home country.

Please also give full details of any particular areas in which you like to concentrate as part of your course of study research while on your program overseas.

ptdf scholarship application essay

When life is likened to a race with a definite destination, every goal attained will only begin the pursuit of another. By doing so, lives are enriched, ours and others. Being the last of seven, I have always aspired to learn the right way, to manage money and to produce successful budgets. Engineering Procurement Construction(EPC) was a final year class, during my BSc. in Quantity Surveying, that intrigued me as the contracting arrangement majorly used for projects in the oil/gas industry. Basically, receiving this scholarship will boost my self confidence, knowing that I not only will complete an important second degree but also will take the responsibility of adding to the number of specialised indigenous EPC contractors/consultants ready to meet the needs of the industry. However, given this opportunity, I plan to work extra hard to prove that I do have what it takes to not only be an outstanding student, but a successful oil/gas expert.

The prospect of studying "product stream forecasting" module at the University of Liverpool as an analysis tool for decision making is exciting to me because the knowledge gained will be profitable to contractors and investors interested in Modular Refineries in Nigeria. Also the main MSc course, "Project Management (oil/gas specialisation)" from the same university, overlaps parts of Energy Markets, so that, it is possible for me to consider the geopolitical factors that prevents Energy Companies in Nigeria from financing large energy projects.

But unlike the energy industry, the oil/gas industry is going through a novel change. The near completion of the 650,000 BPSD Dangote refinery in Lagos, two modular refineries to be installed in Delta and Rivers states, and the commencement of Academic activities in the Maritime University Okerenkoko means that many jobs are likely to be created in the next few years. To be poised for this opportunities, influenced my desire to study "International oil and gas Management" from University of Dundee. Yet, from my work experiences, I gathered that the potentials of Quantity Surveying are not fully appreciated in Nigeria. Skills such as cost estimating, cost planning and control, and project life cycle forecasting, qualifies me for projects across several industries. Therefore, I can apply my skills to the MSc programme and contribute to the intellectual industrial capacity of the oil/gas industry.

These novel changes in the oil/gas industry, will increase risks and uncertainty like environmental pollution that adversely affect business activities. Unless comprehensive steps are taken up, some of the capital assets like forests, fresh water and soils that support businesses are likely to be irretrievably damaged. So I want to understand how to use organised ways to prevent these environmental problems, and "Environmental Engineering and Business management" course from Imperial College London will address that. That is why my course of study research will focus on "Responsive ways to forecast and minimise crisis, risk and uncertainty effects in the upstream sector on Business activities in Nigeria".

On returning, the qualification from this study research will be an asset for my current and future employers, while giving me more confidence in front of my colleagues. It will also aid in my career promotion from managing small scale projects to larger ones, since it will empower me and guide me towards more successes and professional recognitions.

At 30 years old, a man is supposed to have been well-established in his career, I have never been more motivated, because my sense of purpose is clearer. And I am, at this moment very clear-sighted to enter this new phase of my life's journey to compete effectively in my chosen field of study in UK.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,067 2738  
May 6, 2018   #2
Ugwu, your scholarship application becomes confusing to read because you do not apply the appropriate transition sentences from one university paragraph discussion to the next university paragraph discussion. So it is more difficult for the reader to keep track of the information in relation to the universities. Also, it appears that the scholarship application is asking you discuss only one course of study and study plan instead of 3 universities and 3 course which lack a solid study plan for each. Your reference to being the 7th in your family is irrelevant as is your closing paragraph about being a 30 year old. Now, since we are not privy to what questions might be asked of you during the interview process, if, you make it past the screening stage that is, we cannot help you prepare possible responses based on this essay. Specially since the essay does not fall in line with the prompt requirements in the proper manner. I suggest you wait to get past the screening stage, before you even try to prepare for the actual interview. You may receive some instructions to help you prepare for the interview, as most scholarship interviewees tend to receive in preparation for the final stage (interview) of consideration.

If I were to hazard a guess, you might be asked to clarify why you want to obtain this scholarship. Your response is not appropriate nor really applicable as a possible response. Your response is very weak. So, if you have some other documents that might help you get considered for the scholarship, the interviewer might ask you to expand upon that response along with a more solid study plan and definite university choice.

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