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Dreaming to be a successful business manager;Motivation letter- SCHOLARSHIP,Economics

winner123 1 / -  
Mar 21, 2013   #1
This is the first time i've written a motivation letter,hope you guys can help and correct my mistakes,thank you very much.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this letter to apply for the scholarship of the Bachelor of Economics progam which you offer this year.Since my early ages,I have been dreaming of becoming a successful business manager and have been developing some certain skills accordingly.I believe my motivation can be illustrated by my studies ,personal experiences obtained through a long process of training myself ,and especially my genuine interest in the global economics development,as well as my burning passion to participate in it.

In June,I will be graduated from the High School for the Gifted,currently one of the best and most pretigous high schools in the nation. In my ten and eleven grades,my average scores are 9 and 8.8 respectively,and currently in twelve year,my average score of the first semester is about 8.7.Mathematics and Physics are my favorite and major subjects and the long process of mastering them has greatly heightened and developed many useful skills for me such as handling complicated matters accurately,being extra careful under critical circumstances and being able to withstand pressures.The strict and competitive environment in which I studied also helped me a lot to improve my adaptability and flexibility in work and activities,as well as enhanced my ability to plan ahead and organize works logically .Aside from that, I am also fond of cooperating with other people ,working as a team to solve problems and ready to take responsibility for every mistake being made.

For a short period of time,I was elected the president of the class and was able to lead a few outdoor activities.The process has brought me much experience and further convinced me that I should tie my career to management.

Ever since I was a child,the question that how economics works and to which extent it affects politics and social lives has always bothered me.Therefore,I decided to apply for this progam in order to ease my curiosity by obtaning more knowledge about this subject and to prepare myself with proper skills for my future career.Being the largest,most experience and influential economics school of Queensland,your school offered the best choice I could possibly find to study international economics,and it would honor me greatly if you accept this application of mine.

There is an famous saying that:"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:the fear of failure".Following that,many days and hours I have spend for preparing necessary skills and qualities for my future profession.But only one big obstacle remained is that with my family's conditions,I can not afford your program's fees without the scholarship,so once again I hope you could consider my application.Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you soon .


dumi 1 / 6,930 1592  
Mar 21, 2013   #2
In the letter of Motivation, it is very important to talk about your professional goals; Rather, you need to talk about both short and long term goals. It is not very illustrative here and I suggest you to pay more attention to that. What you aim to gain with this studies in the short run? And in the long run?

:"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:the fear of failure".

... very interesting. I like the way you end it :)

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