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Dreams become goals when I am trying hard to catch them

Patistrying 2 / 2  
Oct 25, 2017   #1

my lifetime goals

I have always been thinking about pursuing a professional in career path, filling life with experiences and contributing good things to future generations. Upon graduation, I plan my lifetime goals into short term and long term sections with chance and challenge.

For short term plan, first I would like to walk on a career in education. I strongly want to give all professional knowledges, informations, skills and experiences that I have got through to students, undergraduates in particular. Even though, the specific knowledge of biologic medicines and advance biotechnology are not quite well-known in my country, they are booming over the world in this era. I want to give a chance to the future generations to open their intellectual door and broaden their horizon. I hope the students get some valuable concepts for their future career in scientific field. In addition, I would like to contribute all my eagerness, morals, positive attitudes and being a good example to the students. These will shape them to be a good person in the society.

Turning to consider about my long term plan, I would like to help my country in the development of biologic drugs. First, I want to support knowledge and optimised practice to pharmaceutical companies, both private and public sectors, to effectively produce high quality innovative biologic drugs with low cost. The higher quality, the higher efficacy and safety of the medicines. Secondly, I would like to do research about quality control for example biological analytical development, biologic drug evaluation, biomarker identification, etc. with hospitals and research centres. I consider these works as a challenge. After all, they will benefit to patients who use the medicines, health care cost and pharmaceutical companies in long run. Thirdly, I would like to achieve doctoral degree to guarantee the qualifications of expert in biotechnology.

In case of collaboration between the UK and Thailand focusing on partners in science, the leading organizations of the two countries have joint initiative on research projects regarding to basic discovery of mechanisms of disease, biomarkers detection, diagnosis of diseases and biotechnology corresponding to my interests. The collaborative projects are to enable the pursuit of shared research interests. I think this initiative also help Thai scientific community to be stronger in healthcare research fields. This collaboration is related to my long term goal and I dream to be a part of the research projects as well as collaborating with different levels of UK government organization.

Last but not least, I hope to get opportunity of studying in the UK to obtain best professional qualification. It would be an valuable experience that support and push me to make my dream come true.

alvin1902 4 / 7 1  
Oct 25, 2017   #2
hi @Patistrying
love your username :)

a few short revision from me,

I'm eager to give all of my professional knowledges,.........

[remove this] the specific knowledge of biologic ..., they are booming over the world in this era-> i think this would be better: [I believe it is crucial for improving my country's healthcare technology]
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,531 2963  
Oct 26, 2017   #3
Patarasuda, your personal long and short term goals are acceptable. However, your UK collaboration is not. You acknowledge that your country has joint projects with the UK government and its supporting agencies but you were not able to name a single one in your essay. You need to find out which agency the UK has a representative in your country that is closest to your plans for your career. Your reference is too generic, it does not have a clear direction regarding a collaboration between you and the UK agency in your country. First, you have to find the agency that will work best with your plans. Second, you need to explain how your personal plans will prepare you collaborate with the agency. Third, explain how you plan to join the agency. Finally write a statement that indicates how you look forward to this future collaboration. By developing the UK connection this way, you create a stronger essay that has a shared focus on the necessary topics for discussion.

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