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Dublin - Personal Statement for Erasmus Mundus in GLOCAL Programme, Global Markets

claffec3 1 / -  
Jan 7, 2021   #1
Hi, I am hoping to submit this by the 8th of January, any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

One at a time (in separate threads).

Motivation for studying GLOCAL?

The Global Markets and Development stream of GLOCAL offers a unique opportunity to build upon the fundamental concepts learned during my International Relations (IR) degree in Dublin City University (DCU) while studying in a variety of European cities. In this regard, the GLOCAL programme hugely appealed to me in terms of the module choice, the international dimension and the work experience.

In addition to building on core concepts learned during my IR degree, GLOCAL provides a sharper focus in understanding the shifting dynamics of the global economy and how local actors remain viable as the landscape changes. Growing up in Dublin, a city renowned for reinventing itself against the backdrop of globalisation, I have always been innately curious as to the impact it is having on the city and where it is leading us going forward. So much so that I began working in Local Government in one of the larger municipal regions of Dublin.

While globalisation has brought much prosperity to the city, there has been a large gap left between the multinational corporations and the local residents. Through my work, I have noticed the necessity for further public-private partnerships in the field of Housing, Research and Development to Innovation.

Dublin is struggling in these areas with growing disparities between the local community and international actors operating in the city. Through the GLOCAL programme and, more specifically, through the modules offered in Glasgow, Barcelona and Göttingen, I am keen to hone my analytical and critical thinking skills to better understand the global economy and its development. Working at a local level of governance in Dublin, I have witnessed first hand the issues the city faces and am motivated to pursue a career in the field of consultancy or urban planning using the GLOCAL programme as my foundation. With this experience and new found knowledge, I want to formulate policy that fosters growth and opportunity for domestic businesses with greater investment.

During my time at DCU , I pursued Spanish for 2 years. Speaking English and Irish fluently, I view language as an important asset to cultivate for an international career. As such, I am eager to build on this aptitude through the semester spent in Barcelona, learning not only about Conflict Management, International Economics and Creative Cities but also developing my Spanish proficiency. I firmly believe the continued growth of my language speaking skills is one of the foundations for career progression, something GLOCAL will assist with. As someone who has lived and travelled extensively through Europe and North America, I believe it carries real value, exposing you to different cultures and societies with fresh perspectives on the world we are living in, another central reason for my motivation to take part in GLOCAL.

Furthermore, as my undergraduate degree did not include an internship, GLOCAL provides the ideal setting with which to apply the knowledge learned over the course of the programme and contextualise it with practical experience. While I have previous work experience in Local Government in Dublin, I am eager to gain international experience and use my Spanish in a professional work environment.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,217 4648  
Jan 8, 2021   #2
Your first paragraph sounds more like something out of the website rather than an original thought that is supposed to offer information from the student in relation to the relationship between your undergraduate course and your masters course. The next paragraph, also sounds more like a brochure than a logical reason for wanting to continue your studies in Ireland. Perhaps this is because you were born and raised in the place you are applying for a scholarship to. The natural tendency would be to assume that the reviewer will be able to immediately understand and apply the commonalities, also being from Ireland. That is not how this should approached. Always assume that you are a non-resident applying for the Scholarship. Specifics and clarity matter.

Aside from the countries where you plan to complete your studies, have you given any thought to which universities you want to attend and why? What is the justification? There need to be a connection of study motivations for each country and university in that paragraph. How will these studies connect and help you improve in the performance of your professional duties? How does the GLOCAL program help you achieve that? It is not clearly referenced.

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