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Economic and environmental impacts of petrol stations. Statement of purpose for PTDF scholarship

lawal lawal 1 / -  
Dec 20, 2018   #1
Hello everyone, here is my statement of purpose for the PTDF scholarship, I would like to know if I manage to answer the questions correctly, and it's probably full of grammar and spelling mistake, and poor vocabulary. Help me out please.

why this scholarship and why the chosen qualification

State in not more than 600 words

1.Why you wish to acquire this scholarship

2.Why you wish to obtain the qualification listed as your choice (for MSc candidates) and that of your chosen research area (for PhD candidates), and

3.How you think you will benefit in terms of your career and personal development from obtaining this scholarship and the resulting qualification once you have return to your home country.

Please also give full details of any particular areas in which you like to concentrate as part of your course of study research while on your program overseas.

Economic and environmental impacts of petrol stations at close proximities to residential buildings and places of public assembly is one of the critical challenges in the downstream oil and gas operations. The high risks and dangers associated with petroleum products as a highly inflammable product has constrained lots of economic activities which has direct impact on production, employment, income and investment. On the other hand, the waste generated by petrol stations such as grease and oil sludge has their varying magnitude of effects on human health and the environment in form of air, water, and soil pollution.

However, my ultimate objective is to develop an effective strategies required for solving real life challenges, particularly to deploy a holistic developmental framework that would create business opportunity in oil sludge treatment as a way of promoting and sustaining investment in the oil industry, adopt a well-structured method of avoiding or mitigating damage that might cause hazards, vulnerability, and economic loss, and propose effective solutions that will support and promote federal government quest for a cleaner and healthy environment.

To achieve my goal, it is imperative to plan and manage the projects appropriately based on a deep communication and profound analysis of social, political, and economic aspects in the oil and gas industry. Thus, I wish to obtain the PTDF postgraduate scholarship scheme which will offer me the opportunity to benefit from a broad-based education I need to achieve my goal.

With BSc in Economics, Proficiency Certificate in Management (chartered), and General Certificate in Computing, I have had over three (3) years of varying working experience. Currently, I have over two (2) years of experience in the downstream oil and gas industry as a vendor-managed inventory (VMI) supervisor, and my role entails the gritty work of receiving petrol from trucks into storage tanks and keeping the petrol inventory at required level.

In the most practical terms, as a member of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Member Nigerian Institute of Management (MNIM), and my one year as Corpers Liaison Officer (CLO) have developed my leadership, teamwork and public-speaking skills, skills that I use almost every day in my professional work.

I have chosen three MSc courses that directly link my professional and academic background with my desire to pursue processes contributing to real economic growth and sustainable development. I developed broadened knowledge on maintaining a lean supply chain, and the factors affecting sustainable development including the contamination of environment through my professional experience in the downstream oil and gas industry. These skills were critical in order to control inventory management cost, decrease the magnitude of bullwhip effect, and keep required level of petrol inventory by adjusting the demand and supply gaps.

I am confident one of these courses will turn me into an integral professional where I can use principles of economics and innovative methodologies in determining and calculating economic inputs, evaluating investment and quantifying risks, and generating feasible portfolios at every stage in the development of oil and gas industry.

My hopes are that further studies at UK University will prove an excellent investment for my professional career in the oil and gas sector. Certainly, the academic writing skills and practicum experience I would gain from the master's program will help me to apply best-practice approaches for the treatment and recycling system of Oil Sludge upon my return home.

My area of research will explore recycling Oil Sludge to reduce their environmental impacts and increase economic performance. Giving back to my community through disaster mitigation, environmental protection, and job creation is my contribution towards economic growth and sustainable development of Nigeria.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,051 4255  
Dec 21, 2018   #2
@lawal lawal If you will just remove the references to your educational background and professional credentials, your essay will be more prompt responsive. There are only specific types of information required for this essay which include:

1. Why you want to receive this scholarship
2. Why you wish to receive a qualification for a single course choice. Not 3. You have to pick just one for specificity in the discussion. No generalizations. The reviewer could decline your application due to the lack of specific course focus.

3. Benefits to your personal development and a clearer reference to career goals that your studies hope to fulfill.
4. An expanded study plan. It has to be more specific than just a simple sentence. Develop a paragraph that explains this line of study in relation to your career advancement upon your return.

Focus only on those 4 aspects of required discussion. Right now this essay is too generalized in discussion. It lacks relevance to the prompt requirements. You need to better thresh out your reasons, think of specific information that could move your application forward, and present it to the reviewer. Your essay at the moment is extremely long but not informative enough so I cannot consider it competitive in terms of application comparisons with other students also applying for this scholarship in the same field.

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