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My educational program of enhancing Korean and English language proficiency before coming to Korea

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Mar 9, 2021   #1

GKS - Study plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc)

My educational program of enhancing Korean and English language proficiency before coming to Korea involves daily practising and training. I have been preparing for the IELTS test for half a year to apply to university. Since I have been learning English for 15 years, I had a strong basis, which helped me to focus more on the structure of the test. For this reason, I took an IELTS test online almost every day to get used to it. My efforts have paid off since I got a 7.5 overall band. Nevertheless, I am still going to improve my English skills day by day and get an 8 overall band in 2 years. Fortunately, I have such an opportunity at my part-time job, where I teach English to children. Although, I have a job and other commitments, I dedicate 10 minutes per day to learn 10 new words each day. Also, I listen to podcasts in English on my way home and watch films and series in English without dubbing and subtitles.

Most importantly, I want to focus on learning Korean. It should be noted that I have been studying Korean for almost a year in the local Korean Educational Centre. It was a fascinating experience, however, due to the pandemic, the centre was closed and I paused my learning adventure. Nevertheless, I am highly motivated to continue my Korean language journey by reentering Korean language courses online in May. Meanwhile, I dedicate 20 minutes a day to learn new words and expressions through the mobile app and watch Korean films with subtitles. For instance, I am interested in Hong Sun Soo's works. I hope someday I will be able to understand everything without subtitles. Moreover, I am planning to take the nearest TOPIK, which will be held in June.

If I were allowed to study in Korea, I would seize such an opportunity and do my best by studying hard. I fully intend to embrace Korean culture and language by practising and learning every single day. Moreover, due to the high level of my commitment and motivation, I will create a personalized schedule for learning English and Korean. I believe that repetition, consistency, and regularity are the crucial parts of any learning plan. Therefore, I will commit all my time and efforts to learn Korean intensively by taking language teaching courses, doing exercises, speaking with everyone, reading manhwas, watching TV shows and films, analyzing lyrics of Korean songs and learning new words from them. Thus I will get a high score in final exams and be able to study for 2 years and fully understand everything in Korean on my chosen programme.

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Mar 10, 2021   #2
Remove the reference to Hong Sun Soo in the essay. To make this stronger. indicate instead that you are reading Korean materials that relate to your course of choice because you know that there is a higher than average likelihood that the classes will be taught in Hangeul. Thus, the best way to learn Hangeul is by also preparing for your future classes. Learning the language as used in teaching your courses will make it easier for you to adjust to the language used in class and converse with the professors. Or something to that effect. The rest of the explanations are acceptable and well balanced it appears that you have a clear and enforceable plan for your language studies so you do not have to worry about that. Just focus on using the Korean influence in an academic, rather than entertainment manner to help drive home the point that you are appropriately preparing for your potential classes.

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