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Egypt student - what does make you candidate for this program?

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Jan 5, 2021   #1

STEM Luxor school student from Egypt

My name is Youssef Aymen. I am a student at STEM Luxor school from Egypt. That makes me candidate for this program. I have a course from Johns Hopkins University in cancer cell biology. I have a certificate from NHCPS save a life in first aid and performing CPR. I am researching new technique for cancer treatment by deactivating the telomerase enzyme. The telomere is a region at the end of the chromosome. The telomere decreases when the cell mitosis until turning out. The cell stops mitosis. However, the cancerous cells have an enzyme called telomerase. I researched the effect of air pollution on pregnant women and their embryos with my group and the research paper is on the ResearchGate website. I attended NASA hackathon. I worked with my team to purify the air and the Elimination of the COVID 19 virus by using the infrared waves and destroying the RNA of the virus. I attended the New York junior science academy and I worked with my group due to COVID-19 pandemic the people depend on the telemedicine in which asking the doctor and examine the people online and there is not enough access for the internet around the so, we developed an AI algorithm that understands the issue with patients and connects them to the nearest doctor. We understand that all of the components such as creating a network of international doctors is not be feasible in the given time and with our skills, but we have modeled a potential platform in the most simple but accessible way possible. We have taken into account that there are people who do not have access to a stable internet connection and that there are some people who may not be able to read and have created a platform that will suit the needs of all people, regardless of location and disabilities.
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Jan 6, 2021   #2
I cannot review this response clearly without knowing if it is for a university application, what university you are applying to, and what course or, if it is for a scholarship program. If it is for a scholarship program, I need to know what scholarship it is and what discussion instructions were provided for the development of your response. As of now, this essay is a bag of confusion, lack of proper sentence development, and lack of discussion focus. This statement actually requires professional editing and writing at this point. The paper you wrote does not make any sense to the reader because you are rushing its development. You must focus on the qualities that you have as a student and your accomplishments in your field of study in the presentation. Those are 2 of the strongest factors that can dictate whether you are a suitable candidate for the program or now.
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Jan 6, 2021   #3
it is for summer program in Tulane university and how can I edit on it please could you help in doing that

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