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Electronic Engineering: Personal Statement - PTDF Scholarship

Mudinero 4 / 9 3  
Dec 24, 2018   #1
This is my first draft on the prompts for the Ptdf scholarship. I will appreciate any form of correction and contributions. Thanks

State in not more than 600 words

1.Why you wish to acquire this scholarship

2. How you think you will benefit in terms of your career and personal development from obtaining this scholarship and the resulting qualification once you have return to you home country.


As a graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, I have the plan to study and has actually chosen an MSc in Electrical Power Engineering. I had acquired prerequisite knowledge and experiences in the field of electrical power engineering during my undergraduate studies. I studied electrical machines, power and machines, energy generation, transmission and distribution among other courses. I had a first hand professional experience at the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) during my internship. I believe that my academic background/grades and experiences have actually prepared me towards an MSc in Electrical Power Engineering.

Obtaining a Masters degree in Electrical Power Engineering from the Newcastle University will help me develop personally as well as build an excellent career as an electrical power Engineer hence, I wish to acquire this scholarship. At Newcastle University, I will be abreast of the most recent, cutting edge developments in power engineering, have skills and training needed in both industrial and academic settings. The technical expertise that underpins informed project planning, design and decision making in the area of Electrical Power Engineering shall be acquired. More so, I shall acquire the knowledge of the application of Computer aided design and analysis techniques appropriate to Electrical Power Engineering, for example the use of software packages such as MATLAB, Simulink, PSCAD and ETAP. These learning outcomes are results of the

knowledge and understanding of a total of 6 advanced topics in the field of Electrical Power Engineering: Power Electronics, Renewable Energy Technologies, Advanced Electrical Machines and Power Systems Operation and management, advanced power system analysis, smart grids and computational intelligence techniques made available at the University. Acquiring these knowledge will definitely benefit me in terms of my career and personal development.

On return to my country, Nigeria, I will be poised to impact the oil and gas industry in particular and enhance national development. In the oil and gas industry, I will be able to: Provides technical and engineering support and guidance to offshore or on site teams to ensure that efficiency and productivity is maintained, design, develop and maintain electrical systems and/or components to required standards, monitor the performance of the electrical, instrument, automation and communication systems, ensure that electrical and electronic systems meet statutory and regulatory requirements, undertake in-depth analyses/studies of problems and identify longer term solutions and/or options and review and comment on supplier information and assist with inspection and testing.

vrathore2001 1 / 3  
Dec 28, 2018   #2
Hi , I like the details of courses undertaken and proposed ...however I find the essay missing the larger objective in terms of the potential societal impact and value addition ....think you should consider this aspect ....

.., I will be able to: Provides technical and ....contains an error....should be singular...

All the best !
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,164 2308  
Dec 28, 2018   #3
Mudiare, your choice of university is wanting in further development and description. You have to explain what your professional requirements are and how the university will respond to those needs. Don't generalize the discussion. Use specifics. For every professional need you have, explain how Newcastle responds to it directly. This is also the same problem that you have in the last paragraph. You create a sense of a template explanation of your plans. The way the paragraph is written, it is obvious that you got this information from somewhere else and merely used copy-paste to apply it to your essay. There is no sense that you have a personal interest in achieving these skills. You are just enumerating the job description, nothing more. Try to create a more personalized sense for these parts of the essay. You already have a strong explanation of why you want to become a scholar, thresh out the supporting reasons to make the essay as strong as possible.
Alao0702 6 / 13  
Dec 28, 2018   #4
Mudaire, you need to review the grammatical construct of your essay. In most parts of the essay you used "has" instead of "have". Moreover, the verb agreement was defective. Additionally, always try to use connectives such as "additionally", "moreover", etc. They give your essay a good flow. Lastly, try to avoid "running sentences"; they sometimes make comprehension difficult.
OP Mudinero 4 / 9 3  
Dec 28, 2018   #5
@vrathore2001, @Holt, @Alao0702
I'm really want to appreciate your honest contributions to my essay. I shall rewrite it taking into consideration all necessary corrections.....
Thanks a lot

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